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AvaTrade is a broker that specializes in foreign exchange trading. It was founded in 2006 with the intention or providing investors with the opportunity to buy and sell foreign currencies on a regular basis. One of the things that makes this firm stand out is that it has a worldwide presence. As of today, the firm has office locations in Tokyo, Dublin, and New York City. It is also present in a number of other locales in various regions of the world. As a result, investors from around the globe can use this broker for their foreign exchange trading ventures. Like a number of other brokers, AvaTrade is regulated by a number of entities such as the Central Bank of Ireland, the ASIC of Australia and the Financial Services Commission of Japan.

When looking to use AvaTrade as a forex broker, you will first need to open up an account. Fortunately for investors, the process is quite simple as you will just need to fill out a forma and then begin trading. What makes this broker one that is very beneficial is the fact that there are a number of options you can take advantage of. There are educational tools, market analysis updates and also customer support that enable traders to get the most out of their experience using this broker. With the customer support and educational tools, people using AvaTrade will have a number of opportunities to learn the trading process and find the best ways to make profitable trades on a consistent basis.

Investors that are looking to use AvaTrade will have access to a number of account options. These include Silver, Gold, Platinum and Ava Select. All of the account options provide an educational webinar, online courses and a senior account analyst to work with. They also provide you with access to mobile trading, a firm debit card and also live market news. Investors can also get free withdrawals as well. However, there are some differences with each level. The time to withdraw funds takes five days with the Silver, Gold and Platinum account options. With the Ava Select option, you can withdraw funds within 24 hours. Starting capital also varies on each level as the Silver level will allow you to begin trading with just $100 while the Ava Select option requires at least $100,000 to get started.

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The Oxford Club Helps Grow Wealth With Lower Risk

The Oxford Club is an international club of investors who bandy about market theories and investing concepts in an effort to bring financial independence to their members. Mix in a few entrepreneurs and you have 157,000 members with the smarts and insights to regularly outperform the market all while taking on less risk to boot. These are the findings of perhaps the world’s most prestigious financial publication known as The Wall Street Journal.

The Chief Investment Strategist of the Oxford Club’s educational arm known as Investment U is Alex Green and he is the architect of their flagship newsletter the Oxford Communiqué which was so honored by the Journal. This newsletter guides its subscribers with the market philosophy that the Oxford Club is well known for which is market-beating returns with less drawdown.

The catalyst for their success is a strong focus on high-quality companies and the ability to analyze them in expert fashion. This frees them from the need to forecast market turns and allows them to be single-minded in their search for quality companies with the greatest potential. There are several metrics for companies that outperform the market no matter what economic conditions are and they include sales, earnings, a growing market share, and low debt levels.

The Oxford Club teaches their members to avoid the overblown hype that the financial media is prone to engage in. Every headline seems to portend the next Black Swan event or a secular bull market that will never stop running. Investment U continues to patiently research outstanding companies that will thrive in all market conditions and will suffer a minimal drawdown. Their strategy has paid off for more than a decade and the members have benefited tremendously as a result.

The Oxford Club was founded in 1989 and they have helped their members grow and protect wealth ever since. Their success lies in their ability to research and select investment opportunities that have the potential for the greatest gains while minimizing risk.

Investment U is their educational arm and they offer market-beating newsletters that enable their members to achieve financial independence and secure retirements. They also offer courses, conferences, and videos as well.

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What Sets Siteline Cabinetry Apart from the Rest

When homeowners decide to update their cabinetry it can often feel overwhelming. The team at Siteline Cabinetry understands that and has worked for years to make sure the process is simple and completely tailored to the wishes of each homeowner. Siteline Cabinetry specialized in custom cabinetry design and installation and also offers home design services to complete the service from start to finish.

When working with Siteline Cabinetry, the homeowner has the ability to customize truly anything about their cabinets. Everything from wood choice and finish, to custom cut cabinets and specialty projects, their expert team can handle any job. Each piece is designed for that specific house and for the wishes of that homeowner.

What Sets Siteline Apart

Siteline prides itself on setting their company apart from the competition. When you choose to work with Siteline you have access to the entities below:

  • The highest quality in customer service. Customers of Siteline know that their job will be completed exactly as specified and that they will have consistent communication from start to finish.
  • Nearly 300 options for cabinet materials, colors and finished to offer the widest variety of selection. This wide range is essential for many custom jobs to make sure you are completely satisfied.
  • Cabinet crafting for any project. Whether it is a custom project for a kitchen, bathroom or a full kitchen cabinet remodel, Siteline can handle any design project.
  • The highest quality in cabinet design and installation from authorized Siteline Cabinetry dealers.
  • Top quality at an affordable price. Siteline prides itself on sticking within your budget and offers scaling price options that no other custom cabinet company can match.

Whether your project is large or small, Siteline can listen to your cabinet needs and put together an overview of the project for you. When you work with Siteline Cabinetry you can count on a quality and timely project that fits within your budget. Siteline knows that the customer comes first and the user reviews on their website and online confirm that fact.

Sawyer Howitt- a dedicated young entrepreneur

Sawyer Howitt is a young entrepreneur and the project manager of Meriwether Group. He is the son of David Howitt, CEO and founder Meriwether Group. From a young age, Sawyer Howitt has been very keen to understand the operational and financial aspects of running a business. He, however, does not seek to understand these business aspects in isolation, he wants to apply them in such a way that he retains the product resonance and connection with the consumers.

Sawyer Howitt as the project manager of the organization has the role of preparing complex spreadsheets, making presentations to customers and managers and taking notes during key meetings of the firm. For him every job is important. It does not matter if it is taking notes or doing a big project. After all, sometimes it is the small things that matter in implementing the big projects.

As a second semester senior, Sawyer Howitt has dedicated his studies and efforts to learn more about the business and finance. Since becoming the project manager of Meriwether Group, he has been implementing projects that will have a big impact on the future of business operations in the firm. He has also been keen in projects that will ensure that the company remains updated with the latest technologies that are being rolled out now and then. According to him, the technology aspect of the business will be crucial going into the future.

Apart from his work at Meriwether group, Sawyer Howitt has been involved in various philanthropic causes. He has been an active youth mentor on entrepreneurship as well as fighting for the rights of women. He is the leader of a leading international ethnic study group.

Sawyer Howitt implements a concrete plan that revolves around businesses, finance, and customer service. Despite his role in the entrepreneurship, Sawyer Howitt is still in school continuing with his studies at the University of California, Berkeley. He is undertaking a degree program in entrepreneurial finance. Sawyer has learned a lot about business management from his father and other business executives at the Meriwether Group. His star as a business person going into the future remains very bright.

Sawyer Howitt is an inspiration to thousands of young entrepreneurs who are looking to make it in life by implementing their unique ideas. young entrepreneurs are looking up to Sawyer Howitt as a mentor who has set the trend for other millennials to face the business world with courage and determination. Read more on Sawyer Howitt Young Entrepreneur

Why Investors Should Consider Paul Mampilly’s Profits Unlimited

With the tough economic times, every American is yearning to make an extra coin. Although many people know about the stock market, most of them shy away from trading in stocks because of the risk associated with the trade. However, Paul Mampilly, an expert in stocks trading, has devoted his life to reaching out to Americans who are interested in stocks but are overly risk averse or are unaware of promising stocks to buy. Mampilly does this through a newsletter, “Profits Unlimited,” that he recently founded.

Profits Unlimited, although recently established, has a whopping 60 thousand subscribers which go on to confirm that investors trust Mampilly’s advice and rightly so. Mampilly is not your average financial advisor; he has over 20 years amassed from working on Wall Street. At the height of his career, he was a hedge fund manager at Kinetics Asset Management where he grew the company’s assets to $25 billion. Mampilly has also worked with leading brands such as Bankers Trust, Deutsche Bank, and ING.

As a hands-on expert, Mampilly never misses a chance to demonstrate his expertise. In 2012, he invested in Sarepta Therapeutics and made over 2000 percent profit. He also invested in Netflix in 2008 where he also made a significant gain. Mampilly is the also the winner of the prestigious Templeton Foundation investment competition. He was declared the winner when he bought and managed stocks that grew by over 76 percent to $88 million, up from $50 million. Mampilly is the financial advisor that everyone desires to listen to.

The stocks that Mampilly has singled out in his newsletter are doing well so far. In fact, some of the stocks he advised he readers to buy are up by either 11 percent, 15 percent, 20 percent, 45 percent, or 116 percent. Of course, Mampilly is not perfect, and some of the stocks he recommended are not performing as expected, but the difference is that the few stocks that are performing poorly are doing so by a small margin (less than 2.5 percent). Generally, Mampilly’s average stock selection has increased by 14.5 percent meaning that an investor who committed $10,000 to buy the said stocks is now $1,450 richer.

Mampilly thinks that forward-thinking investors should consider the Internet of Things (sometimes shortened to IoT) and trends spearheaded by the largest segment of the American population: millennials. Investing in the two guarantee investors a fortune in future. Read more

How Osteo Relief Institute is Helping Osteoarthritis Patients Access Screening and Treatment Services

Arthritis is one of the most misunderstood medical conditions. People refer to arthritis as a single disease even though it is a term used to refer to joint disease and joint pain in general. Over 50 million adults in the United States are suffering from over 100 types of arthritis. This medical condition is prevalent in women and is likely to hit someone when aging. It has also been declared the leading cause of disability in U.S. citizens.


The most prevalent form of arthritis is called the degenerative joint disease or osteoarthritis. This condition is characterized by the degeneration of tissues situated between the joints known as cartilages. Fortunately, medical facilities such as Osteo Relief Institute have been set up to provide a remedy for osteoarthritis.


About Osteo Relief Institute


In the present-day healthcare sector, finding a doctor you can trust should always be your number one priority (BBB). Osteo Relief Institute comprises of multidisciplinary clinics with board-certified physical therapists and physicians you can trust. These medical practitioners believe that patients must be handled with care and treated like a family for a quick recovery.


As far as osteoarthritis treatment is concerned, Osteo Relief Institute is on the verge to provide patients with effective and safe treatments. The healthcare facility achieves this goal through FDA approved and cleared medicinal innovations that help patients find the remedies for joint ailments. Osteo Relief Institute also utilizes these technologies with a goal of giving sick people lasting pain relief.


Medical practitioners working in the Osteo’s clinics are highly-skilled in communication and patient-centered care ( Though these clinics are independently owned, they have a shared mission of diagnosing joint pains and providing accurate and precise treatment for osteoarthritis. These facilities do not charge any fee for introductory screenings. This is because introductory screenings are meant to determine whether Osteo’s treatment options can remedy people’s diverse joint diseases.


Osteo Relief Institute operates based on the fact that each person is entitled to every treatment option available. The company also strives to help you stay healthy and active without knee or joint discomfort. Its knee pain relief program uses a combination of therapeutic procedures with positive outcomes.


Eli Gershkovitch Contribution to the Success of Steamworks Craft Breweries

In Canada, beer was introduced by European settlers in the 17th century. The most popular alcoholic beverage in Canada is beer regarding volume and dollar value. The Canadian government regulation requires that all beer sold in Canada should show alcohol by volume on the label. Some of the highly rated breweries in Canada include Brasserie Auval Brewing, Superflux Beer Company, La Face Cachee de la Pomme, Boombox Brewing Company, Unfiltered Brewing, and Outcast Brewing. Common brewery brands include Molson, Big Rock, King Brewery, Labatt, and Unibroue. Canada is known to produce quality beers with intense flavors such as La Fin Du Monde, Big Rock Traditional Ale, and Labatt Blue. Good Canadian beer is cold, frosty, and ever delicious.


Eli Gershkovitch is a famous Canadian businessman, pilot, lawyer, and CEO of Steamworks Brewery and Companies, born in 1975. He is the sole owner of Steamworks brewery, which he founded as a small pub in Gastown, Vancouver in 1995. In the US Open Beer Championship that allows wineries across the globe to compete with their top-selling beverages, Steamwork impressed judges with their variety of top selling craft beer. Eli Gershkovitch, who is an innovator and brewmaster whose focus is to revolutionize Canadian beer is behind the top performance.


Eli is a master of business with his motto being ‘you grow to meet demand, or demand will shrink to meet you,’ which is backed by economics. That has enabled Eli Gershkovitch to create a business model focused on innovation and improvement. Steamworks uses both innovative and traditional business methods to surpass opportunistic competitors ( Eli Gershkovitch competes by price, quality, and quantity. He has vowed that his company will remain competitive and therefore stand the test of time. To maximize the company’s output, they provide excellent craft beers at low prices.


Steamworks brews are not only sold in Canada but in 14 US states. They have received several accolades and awards such as its famous pilsner, which was awarded by BC Craft Beer Awards two years in a row as the best BC Craft Beer, and the company’s pumpkin at the 2013 Canadian Brewing Awards, received a gold medal (Twitter). That success and attention are deserved as Eli Gershkovitch stays for a reasonable amount of time perfecting each brew before releasing it to the public.

Glen Wakeman: The Making of a Successful Business Leader

Glen Wakeman graduated from the University of Scranton with a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Finance, and next achieved an MBA from the University of Chicago. After a long career in the business and finance sector that spans over twenty years, he is now the CEO of SAAS Company and LaunchPad holdings LLC. During his career life, he was well known for his entrepreneurial and mentorship spirit with most of his work involving the creation of new performance methodologies and guidance for start-ups. He has also held different positions at Doral financial corporation and GE Capital.

Walkman is famous for his five-step performance methodology that focuses on business execution, leadership power, and human capital.

As a successful writer and investor, Wakeman inspires people on everything ranging from administrative strategies to fiscal economies. Additionally, his diverse experience in divestitures, corporate management, and emerging markets has not only made him a highly sought for counsel but also a keen market strategist ( That aside, he is passionate about all aspects of business development and innovation.


Given that he runs his business operations in more than 30 regions and also a resident of six different countries, Glen Wakeman is one of the world-class business leaders who’s worth recognition. The idea for starting LaunchPad Holdings came from talented startups and given that he is skilled in matching money with ideas the initial stages wasn’t all that difficult. Glen notes that people tend to misunderstand the difference between a plan and idea. That’s why he streamlined the plan building process by coming up with a simple software platform, and that’s what led to the formulation of LaunchPad Holdings.

Although there are different trends in the business market today, Wakeman is excited on how machine learning can handle various business problems. The good thing about machine learning is that individuals can generate vast improvements when it comes to quality, speed and decision making. Although the advancements in technology come in handy in our daily operations, Glen notes that people might end up losing their privacy. That aside, his work requires him to be more productive and given his high curiosity he can persevere through his problem-solving methods.

Dr. Mark Holterman Works With Various Organizations To Help The Youth Live Healthier Lives

Dr. Mark Holterman supports the international Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam(IPSAC-VN). The IPSAC-VN has been working towards the goal of improving pediatric medicine for the children residents of Vietnam. IPSAC-VN provides personnel, supplies and other resources to Vietnam region. They have a scholarship program where local medical professionals can go to further their education. The professionals get $2,500 to help with their travels to the United States. Once in the United States, they spend two months at a host institute to train in medical research or participate in the clinical examinations.


Dr. Mark Holterman is a member of the American Diabetes Association(ADA). The American Diabetes Association has a joint initiative with Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles. They developed CampPowerUp, this helps the youth learn how to make healthier food choices. Healthier food choices can help lower the risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes. It also helps the children and teenagers engage in physical activities. CampPowerUp is for children and teens between the ages of eight and sixteen. The settings for CampPowerUp range from day camps to churches. As well as, After school programs and parks. ADA and the Children’s Hospital believe that this program can help stop the rise of Type 2 Diabetes in this age group.


Dr. Mark Holterman attended Yale University from 1976 to 1980, where he received is General and Biology Bachelor of Arts degree (GazetteDay). He went on to attend the University of Virginia for 1980 to 1988 where he received his MD-PhD in Medicine and Immunology. He was trained in clinical medicine and basic science research. He went on to work in clinical care for years.


From 2000 to 2012, Dr. Holterman was an attending pediatric surgeon at the Rush University Medical Center ( In 2011 he also worked as a Pediatric Surgeon at OSF Healthcare and as a professor of surgery and pediatrics at the University of Illinois College of Medicine. He still currently holding the Pediatric Surgeon at OSF and Professor positions. He is the Founder, CEO and Chief Medical Officer at Mariam Global Health, since 2012.

Stream Energy Is Dominating In Its Niche

Many people are usually surprised whenever they are confronted with a higher electricity bill than they expected. The experience can be devastating more so in the case where one has tried to abide by all the tricks that are supposed to make them use less energy and yet their bill remains high.

The reason as to why your home or office is attracting a more significant than the anticipated bill is because you have never realized that electrical appliances use up some energy even when one is not actively using them. As long as your device is plugged in, it consumes some amount of electricity. This amount might seem insignificant, but when it’s compounded over a period, it results in a significant change in your overall consumption.


Let’s put these facts to test: If you can unplug your coffee maker from the socket after using it, you can save a minimum of one dollar every year. The same applies to other appliances and machines such as sandwich toasters, laundry machine and even the monitor of your computer. The results are even more dramatic when you choose cut power supply to your DVR every time you are not using it. For your entire entertainment system, you could save in the upwards of $130 every year. If you put these pennies together, they could add up to a pretty penny for spending on something exciting.


Meticulousness is all you need to earn your pennies back. If you can’t exercise diligence, you will keep paying more for your electricity ( By identifying all your gadgets in the house or office and putting them on power strips or turning off the power source when you are not using them, you can save a lot of money for other activities. You can prevent your hard earned cash from disappearing.


Stream Energy is a company in the energy sector that provides excellent solutions for homes and offices. The enterprise was founded in 2005 and over time it has exceeded its initial expectation by growing into the force in the energy industry. Through direct selling and word of mouth, the company has expanded its product offering and clientele.