David Mc Donald At OSI Group

David McDonald is a bachelor’s degree holder in Animal Science from Lowa state university. He is a member of the board of North American Meat Institute, president and thus the Chief operating officer of OSI Group. He once worked as the project manager for the same company. From 2008 he has been one of the directors at Marfrig Global Foods when the company merged with OSI group. David McDonald is also the director of OSI international Foods of Australia.

OSI Group is a well-known supplier of processed proteins such as pizza, sausage among other products in the world. It operates in over fifteen countries including China. It has launched a couple of processing plants in China under David McDonald’s leadership. in his term the company has managed to advance Poland’s beef- producing industry and other projects like the frozen beef factory on India and a modernized Mill.

While at OSI Group the company managed to obtain Badoh food in the year 2016. This win was significant in the company’s growth because it made its operations wide. The demand for the products in the company increased with the obtainment. David McDonald said that the win would sustain the company in the worldwide competition. He played a significant role in the acquisition by creating a reliable relationship between the international representatives and the local representatives of the company, and what David knows.

During an interview with CEOCFO David McDonald said that the vision of the company since it’s inception remains the same that is to be the leading international food supplier all over the world to several big companies. The aim of the OSI Group up is to serve their customers well. They should always aim to enhance and increase what they give to the markets. He said that this is achieved by ensuring that both parties have their needs met with integrity and equality. The trust, openness and being patient with each other have been established over the years, and https://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/person.asp?personId=51539307&privcapId=6868578.

The company has also achieved a lot by making the needs of their customers come first. The decisions are made with several market conditions including the geographical location and the products valued by the customers in those areas. David McDonald also says that the customers have also been behind their innovations. Their needs have inspired the company to be innovative. The desire to improve as a company is also another inspiration. He said that the primary responsibility of the company is food safety, and read full article.

Paul Mampilly: The Investment of Things and His Profits Unlimited Newsletter

Profits Unlimited Newsletter has over 80,000 subscribers. A newsletter offering to help any person interested in hedge fund investements is the new craze in making money. Paul Mampilly is the genius behind this idea. Mampilly got his MBA from Fordham University in 1996. His credibility consists of making Kinetics Asset Management increase their $6 Billion Hedge Fund investment into $25 Billion Dollars. He later made his own investment at Sarepta Therapeutics, an advancing medical company, of $50 million and grew it to $88 million. This was during the economic recession years, so his money-making portfolio speak a great amount on his ability to make good judgement on stocks and investments. Somehow, Paul Mampilly knew about Netflix’s increased popularity, and he decided to invest there too. Mampilly has made investments in a lot of low bidding companies where he has insights about the future success of those companies. Mampilly’s newsletter Profits Unlimited is currently available through Banyan Hill Publishing’s site with a $47 subscription for 12 months. He has made himself completely available to his subscribers by giving complete access to his investment potfolio and a customer service team. Paul Mampilly is already available in the internet 24/7 through his Youtube channel, Twitter account, and Facebook offering often opinionated real advice concerning the current faze of investments. One of the investments Mampilly has poked doubt at has been cryptocurrency. According to Paul Mampilly, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are a part of a busting bubble ready to explode at any moment. Bitcoin has reached its full potential. He mentions in his Youtube videos, now is actually the time to sell any cryptocurrency shares in order to gain and not lose everything. Because of the growing technological future and medican advancements with today’s youth, Paul Mampilly assures this is the one place where you can be sure to make money investing. Paul Mampilly recommends investing in stocks such as medical companies as the medical industry moves foward.

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Ian King is a well-known cryptocurrency trader and investor, who has had experience for over 20 years in the operations and evaluation of financial securities. The reason as to why he is one of Investopedia’s top correspondents is his zeal for the crypto resources market. He invented a program which would assist day to day investors to go about easily on cryptocurrency deals and offers.

He started about as a novice in a bond trading department at a Mortgaging company later on moving to a Credit retaining company in Citigroup. He then spent ten years working at a Hedge Fund company as its senior trader in New York. Visit Ian King on facebook for more updates.

Ian King was brought to Banyan hill in late 2017 to update readers with the rapidly growing and flourishing Crypto market. He came to Banyan Hill publishing because he is a cryptocurrency expert and investor and the readers wanted more than just information but rather information from a person who could advise them based on personal experience. And Ian King owns cryptocurrency trading company. He is the head of Banyan Hill’s Crypto Profit Trade which gives its traders the latest updates on cryptosystem changes.

A crypto coin is an asset that is digitally framed to function as a form of exchange that uses cryptography to ensure safe transactions are carried out and to modify the making of extra units that certify the transfer of assets.

Ian King talks about the profits of Bitcoin shooting to 1500% on medium.com and the talks of specialists saying that it may be the end of Bitcoin. He says that all has not concluded but rather the beginning of several cryptocurrency markets. He believes that it is far much safer in 2018 to invest in Bitcoin than it was two years back and the possibilities of losing completely have been highly narrowed. It is also easier to trade since the creations of individual applications have made trading in Bitcoin much simpler and efficient. Also, the barriers to trade have been removed, and now any person willing to invest can own as much Crypto assets as they want.

Ian Graham King was born on 24th April 1956 and is a British national currently living in Portsmouth. He is married and has one son. He is the owner of Intellicoins where he avails essential information on Cryptocurrency for investors and others willing to explore the market.

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Mike Baur Lives a Life of Passion

Sometimes it takes learning through life to find your passion and for Mike Baur this was the case. Now he gets the benefit of living his passion.


At the age of sixteen he started in the banking industry and soon landed himself a job as a Union Bank apprentice. As he got older he decided to take a break from the banking industry as the recession had caused him to feel less passionate about the industry due to it become less about the individual and more about the ropes they had to jump through.


In order to keep his passion for helping people going, he used his experience as a young go-getter and decided to start the Swiss Startup Factory. The goal of the company is to help incoming technology companies that have a solid plan. With the help of mentors, it takes average startup pitches and turns them into exciting offers that business investors get excited about.


These start up companies benefit from rent free office spaces, as well as three months worth of assistance and help learning how to market their companies locally or globally, depending on the needs.


With a focus on intellectual property, Baur also created Think Reloaded. This program estimates the monetary value of ideas. This service can help entrepreneurs gain financing. One of their main events of the year is the Swiss Startup Day.


This focus is what makes Baur’s businesses different from others. He was once told that there was no need for startup help in Switzerland since the government offered help as well.


He saw the need a business that is independent of other agencies and focuses directly on the startup companies. In order to make sure something will work, Baur uses his experience to test out ideas early on in order to not get excited about a product that won’t sell. He notes that putting time into something that doesn’t sell is a losing situation for everyone involved.


Using his past experiences and his passion for knowledge and startups, Mike Baur is getting to live a life worth waking up for every day.


How Kevin Seawright Became An Expert In Financial Matters

Kevin Seawright is a Baltimore businessman who founded Real Property Solutions LLC. He manages this firm as its managing partner and chief operating officer. He spent most of his professional career in the public sector and switched to the private sector in 2011. He has an MBA which he earned at Almeda University. He also holds an executive leader degree which he earned at the University of Notre Dame – Mendoza College of Business.

For several years he worked for the city of Baltimore. He started out as a managing fiscal officer and later held such roles as being the Department of Recreation and Parks chief financial officer. He has developed a broad skill set when it comes to financial matters. He also has years of management experience which he asput to use at his company. Read more about Kevin SeaWright at weeklyopinion.com

The first private sector job that Kevin Seawright held was at Tito Contractors who had hired him to be their new vice president of operations. After a few years he returned to public service when he was hired by Episcopal Life Care Community as their direct of operations. He also worked at the Newark Community Development Corporation as both their chief financial officer and as an executive vice president.

Kevin Seawright handles the day to day operations of Real Property Solutions. His company builds new homes. It also buys older homes and then refurbishes them. The goal is to put these homes on the market in order to provide the people of Baltimore with affordable housing options. He also wants to bring stability to neighborhoods which is usually the result when the homes are mostly occupied by homeowners rather than renters.

One of the neighborhoods that Real Property Solutions has built homes in is the Belvedere Square area. The ultimate goal, he says, is to boost the rate of homeownership in Baltimore one neighborhood at a time.

Kevin Seawright enjoys spending time with his young daughter when he is not in the office. He is also a big fan of basketball and enjoys teaching younger people how to play the game at the Suffolk Virginia Parks& Recreation Department’s facilities as a volunteer basketball coach.

Visit: http://alivenewspaper.com/2017/08/kevin-seawright-sees-big-things-for-new-jersey-real-estate-as-economy-grows/

Hussain Sajwani – From Humble Origins to Great Success

Often when a person comes from humble beginnings only to rise to great success they lose sight of the lessons and convictions of their early days. This is not the case with Hussain Sajwani Chairman of the DAMC Group. He came from about as humble origins as one can come from. His father was a seller of watches and pens to the high power executives of the U.A.E. he would sit in his father’s shop from the age of 3 and watch him conduct his business. He would see his parents struggle to make ends meet at times and his mother helping out by augmenting the family income selling fabrics and household goods to the other women of their social circle. When this was not enough still his father took to dabbling in real estate as another income source, getting help and advice from the powerful men who visited his shop. It was a sideline for his father, but it was an interest that grew strong in the heart of Hussain.


When the time came for him to take his place in the world, he forewent the desires of his father to follow into the family business and instead chose a professional life. He attended a medical university in Baghdad, where he studies hard, but he didn’t feel the passion for it that he felt for real estate. He thought back to those powerful men who used to buy from his father and of the lives of comfort and influence that they had. He thought about how happy they appeared to be compared to the content, but struggling folks like his parents who were stuck in the workaday world. He decided to leave school and with the help of associates he started the first incarnation of what would eventually become the DAMAC Group. He soon found his first success by helping to provide logistical food services for the US military during Operation Desert Storm. He was awarded a simple, cheap plaque for the excellence that his firm showed in the execution of the duties they were entrusted with. To this day that basic wooden plaque still holds a place of honor in his office.


In 2002 Sajwani officially founded the current incantation of the DAMAC Group as a real estate holding a development corporation to take advantage of a governmental decree allowing foreigners to own property in the U.A.E. for the first time in over half a century. The company quickly saw overwhelming success and in just two developments alone placed over 100 million square feet of ultra-exclusive high-end residential, retail, and recreational space. In 2013 the DAMAC Group became the first middle-eastern real estate firm to be listed on the London Stock Exchange. Also in 2013, he joined forces with his personal friend, fellow billionaire, and future President of the United States, then international businessman and real estate mogul Donald J. Trump. The partnership would lead to the development of several projects together, most notably being two large and lavish golf courses. The TRUMP International Golf Course in Dubai is actually the largest and most opulent private golf course it the world. This facility is also the current crown jewel of the DAMAC Group and a source of personal pride for Sajwani.


Despite all of his success, Hussain Sajwani has been the exception to the rule. He has not lost sight of his personal convictions or the life lessons that he learned at an early age thanks to his humble origins. In fact, he has maintained a strong sense of duty, loyalty, respect, and service to his fellow man. He still walks a life of faith and personal responsibility that shows in everything that he, his family, and his company do.


From a Tiger Woods-designed golf course, luxury apartments with interiors by Versace and Fendi to Bugatti styled villas! Well, these are just some of the excellent structures that Hussain Sajwani has established. The property company has now issued a tender for yet another tower at AYKON City. This second tower will be enacted on the luxury building that overlooks the canal in Dubai.


The owner of DAMAC Properties has worked hard to establish a reputable business empire as well as cement his name among the top business entrepreneurs in the world. The AYKON City tender will include more than 45 residential floors, three basements, and an entertainment section dubbed AYKON Plaza that includes a lifestyle sector, a rooftop, ten podium levels and a ground level. The construction at the site has already commenced and it’s progressing well. However, DAMAC Properties plans to introduce another construction partner by May. The property company had already contracted CSCEC to construct one tower of AYKON City. This structure will ideally be a city within Dubai. In addition to the features above, AYKON City will also have office space, a hotel, fully serviced apartments, and residential units. Visitors to the city will also get to have a fabulous view of the canal in Dubai.




The owner and CEO of DAMAC Properties launched his career by working in his father’s shop. However, his tide changed when he landed a government-sponsored scholarship to study in the US. He then graduated with an Industrial Engineering and Economics degree from the University of Washington.


Hussain Sajwani, however, established DAMAC Properties in 2002. Prior to this he had worked in the oil and gas industry and owned his own top tier catering service. The company maximized on the elevated estate boom in the Dubai in the mid-2000s and established itself among the top real estate companies in the Middle East.The public listed company managed to survive the Dubai property market collapse of 2008 and established itself as among the leading property development companies in UAE.


Hussain Sajwani, who won Property CEO of the Year – CEO Middle East Awards 2017, has over the years managed to land himself friends and business partners in high places including US President Donald Triumph.

Jed McCaleb Foresees the Blockchain Technology Having Its Way in the Banking Industry

Jed McCaleb a cryptocurrency longtime developer and the founder of Mt. Gox bitcoin has predicted that the cryptocurrency technology will change the global payments, stock markets and fundraising in the coming days.

McCaleb has been involved in several huge crypto organizations over the years starting with Mt. Gox bitcoin exchange which he sold to Mark Karpeles in 2011. McCaleb is also the co-founder of Ripple, which is currently the third cryptocurrency in the digital market. McCaleb is working at Stellar as the co-founder and chief technology officer. This organization, which is working on developing a cross-border payment s cryptocurrency network was established in 2014.

During an interview with CNBC, McCaleb shared his views on the underlying potential of cryptocurrency to gain traction in the near future. He says that with the use of the blockchain technology, which is visible but unchangeable, a universal payments network will be born which will allow people to use the current operational currencies.

Stellar is actually working towards solving this issue, by developing a network which settles transactions in 5 seconds and allows users to use centralized currencies such as USD and Euro. Some organizations are already using Stellars Network such as IBM.

McCaleb also said that the initial coin offerings which are the token sales phenomenon illustrate the many untapped markets excluded by the financial markets. This phenomenon has raised close to $9 billion in just four short years. Unlike the traditional model, retail investors get direct access token sales thus have an access to the future platform.

McCaleb also predicts that non-crypto assets like stocks will soon be part of the cryptocurrency digitization. He foresees a decentralized exchange in almost all equity. As a matter of fact, some startups are already allowing investors purchase stock using digital coins such as Securrency which is based in Maryland.

Stellar uses XLM coins referred to as lumens. Early this year this cryptocurrency experienced an exponential rise featuring among the top 10 cryptocurrencies as per market capitalization.

Being the head technical development, McCaleb works towards improving the human condition by reducing inefficiency.

Jed also works with MIRI, an artificial intelligence researcher, as an advisor.

Entrepreneur Joel Friant and his Inspiration

The spice and flavor of the Original Habanero Shaker are nearly indiscernible from the spice and flavor of a fresh habanero pepper. The shaker provides the classic heat and taste of habanero peppers to any meal, either at home or on the go. The high capsaicin levels of the shaker have been said to provide a feeling of pleasure and a number of other benefits.


The man behind the Original Habanero Shaker, Joel Friant, conceived of the idea for his flagship product while operating his first restaurant. The fast-food joint, opened in 1995, specialized in Thai cuisine, and thus it served spicy dishes. Joel was searching for a habanero shaker to place on the tables of his restaurant. He wanted his customers to be able to add even more spice to their meals. Unfortunately, every habanero shaker Joel found was bland and had little spice. He decided to create his own habanero shaker and set out to find the perfect type of habanero chili pepper to use.


He stumbled across the Scotch Bonnet habanero in Jamaica and decided to use it in his formula. Joel put the peppers through a process that dried and flaked them, but did not remove their natural levels of heat or their wide flavor panel. Unlike other shakers on the market, Joel decided to use only 100 percent pure habanero flakes in his bottles. Other shakers use fillers like salt and sugar, but Joel felt that these fillers detracted from the true flavor of the habanero chili pepper.


Joel sold the Original Habanero Shaker in Washington State at first, but he soon decided it should go global. In 2012, after spending a few years studying the ins and outs of internet marketplaces, Joel launched a website for the Original Habanero Shaker. H continues to receive international orders daily.

AvaTrade Review: Online Forex Trading Company

AvaTrade is an online forex trading company that also offers CFDs trade. The company was created in 2006, and it has since then developed to become one of the complete trading platforms. At the time of its creation, it was called AvaFX. Initially, it was just a forex trading company. The founders however later saw the need to rebrand it to suit its new markets. AvaTrade has tremendously grown, and it now has markets in eleven countries. The company has also rejuvenated their services to enable access from all internet-enabled devices. Today it is possible to trade on the AvaTrade platform using a cell phone.


The company is registered as AVA Trade EU, and its headquarters are in Ireland. The Central Bank of Ireland regulates it just like any other financial institution in the country. The Company is also licensed to operate in the EU countries through the MiFID regulation. AvaTrade is also independently regulated by financial regulatory bodies where it exists. For example, in Australia, it is controlled by Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC). Other regulatory bodies of AvaTrade include Japanese Financial Services Authority (JFSA) in Japan and Financial Services Board for South Africa.


Clients who intend to trade on the AvaTrade platform have the liberty to choose their two major trading options. These are fixed spreads and floating spreads. The choice of the spread option will determine the actual cost that the client will incur after trading on their platforms. Clients have preferences of their own depending on the kind and size of their trades. It is, however, advisable for clients to use the variable option as they can be charged lower when the trade volumes are low.


AvaTrade is committed to giving the best service to their clients. They have incorporated research tools on their platforms to ensure that clients have access to all the information they need about trading. There are also frequent articles on the current market situations to aid traders in making the right decision. Additionally, AvaTrade provides real-time signals directly to the client’s devices. They also have simulation options for trading on platforms such as ZuluTrade and Tradency. Clients who are not well versed in trading have the opportunity to copy trade from these platforms through AvaTrade.