Parent Friendly TeenSafe

By now, you most certainly have heard criminals targeting teenagers on the internet and might even have come across stories in the city or town you live. But did you know that, in addition to collecting general information, these criminals collect each and every keystroke their potential victims enter, including credit card numbers, name, house address and more?


Hackers and criminals on the internet use tricks to make unsuspecting teenagers to simply download links that contain spyware and run it in the background without their knowledge. Every site they visit is logged, every conversation heard and that information is relayed back to a master computer on the internet. All this is done secretly with the exception that the computer the teen is using significantly slows down.


Then there are hackers who are specialized in collecting teenagers’ computer usage habits. They use ad generator tools to create ads that match some of the keywords the user has entered. Most of the time, teens just assume that they are seeing those ads because they found a deal. When they click on the links, the webpage just turns into hyperlinks that is then redirected to another website or other pages. Teenagers even go to the length of buying items displayed on the fake page or asking their parents for money. Other times they are made into believing that a billion dollar is waiting to be claimed.


The biggest problem, however, on the internet is teens giving out personal information to strangers, such as location, name and address. This happens so quickly and so often that by the time they realize their mistake, they are already in trouble. If you are a parent of a teenager, you already know the risks of internet chat rooms. Adult predators who hangout in these chat rooms looking for young children to victimize often pose as teenagers themselves. What you need to do at this point is take precaution by installing security apps from TeenSafe. TeenSafe is a pioneer in computer security software and tools and has designed a wide range of products and services to keep your children safe.