Jeff Herman Shares Tips On Protecting Kids From Abuse

Jeff Herman is the founder of the Herman Law Firm. Herman is a highly recognized attorney that has dedicated his career to defending victims of sexual abuse and violence. Herman has a strong commitment to protecting exploited children. He warns parents that their kids are subject to abuse on a daily basis. There are child predators walking around in their community. Now, child predators are searching for vulnerable children online to abuse. Often, parents are too busy with their own work and careers to focus on their kid’s activities online or offline. It is vital for parents to take an interest in all their kids activities to prevent abuse.


It’s All About Communication

In his interview with IdeaMensch, Jeff Herman stated that he strongly believes that it begins with strong communication between parents and their kids. Therefore, it is vital for parents to arm their kids with knowledge about abuse and what is appropriate behavior between an adult and child. Often, kids are simply not aware that they are being abused. They are very naive and vulnerable and simply do not recognize the signs of abuse. Herman advocates that parents sit their kids down and have a conversation about abuse and abusive acts with their children. Hopefully, this knowledge will help kids avoid becoming the victim of a child predator.


When To Have The Talk

According to Jeff Herman, often, parents think that their child is just too young to hear about child predators and sexual abuse. The fact is that parents delay talking about this subject, making their child vulnerable to predators. Certainly, predators search for naive and innocent victims that simply are not aware of the predatory dangers in the real world and the online world. Start the talk at any early age. Let the child know what appropriate touching and inappropriate touching is. Teach the child to say no and to come to them about any problems or complaints they have with an adult or another child. See This Page to learn more.


Jeff Herman relates that it is important for kids to Recognize The Signs Of Abuse. Parents must keep the lines of communication open with their kids too. Building trust between a parent and child will ultimately protect the child.



PUC-Sao Paolo Honors Marco Antonio Marques da Silva at recent award ceremony

Recently, in Brazil, PUC-Sao Paolo awarded judge Marco Antonio Marques da Silva with their highest award. He has also been honored with having an auditorium at a Brazilian university named after him.

Judge Marco Antonio Marques da Silva is a Criminal Law professor at the same Brazilian university that named an auditorium after him.

Dirceu de Mellom, a Brazilian president and an ex-president of the Sao Paolo Court of Appeals, hosted the ceremony where Marco Antonio Marques da Silva received the award. Mellom believes that Marco Antonio Marques da Silva has a great dynamism and always wanted to help people.

A PUC professor and lawyer named Ricardo Sayeg made a speech at the ceremony honoring Marco Antonio Marques da Silva. In his speech, he spoke about da Silva’s career and life.

Sayeg believes that da Silva was born in 1958 in the Brazilian city of Itapetininga. When he was 15 years old, he knew that he wanted to have a legal career.

He started his road on the way to becoming a lawyer by starting at PUC in 1977 and graduating in 1981 as a Law major. He also got Masters, Doctorate and Teaching degrees from Pontifical Catholic University. In 1982, he fulfilled his dream of having a career in law by becoming a professor at PUC.

He became in Brazilian state judge in 1983 and has been a judge in Palmeira, D’Oeste, Monte Alto, Diadema and Sao Paolo counties. He was promoted to substitute judge in 2002 and was further promoted to the Court of Appeals in 2007.

Sayeg mentioned that Marco da Silva is known for his published works. He has written 13 books and 40 articles. He co-wrote the book called Luso-Brazilian Treaty on Human Dignity with Jorge Miranda, a European Constitutional Law Professor. Brazilian and European judges also made their contributions to this book.


Michael Hagele Works With Businesses

Michael Hagele is someone who has experience negotiating, working on licensing agreements, and handling drafting work. He is someone who has experience working in the industries of telecommunications and software. He is someone who has served as general counsel for a number of different companies. This man knows what he is doing, and he serves his clients well. This man works as outside counsel for technology companies, and he is someone who helps those companies and supports them. He provides high-quality and cost-effective services to those companies.

There are some who put others and their needs before themselves and their own needs, and Michael Hagele is someone who tries hard to do that. He believes that it is important for him as an attorney to put his clients and their needs before his own needs. He is constantly thinking about the best interests of his clients and doing what he can to be a positive part of their business. See This Page for additional info.

Michael Hagele believes that physical activity is good for a person in a variety of ways. He believes that exercises can help to sharpen the mind and help a person be prepared for the tasks that they have to complete. He is someone who spends time doing physical activities. He enjoys spending time mountain biking and he feels that doing that is good for not only his body but his brain as well.

There are different things that a person can focus on when they want to help a business be successful. Michael Hagele believes that social media is something that can help a business grow. He believes that social media can be a positive part of any business. He believes that businesses should be careful about how they use social media so that they focus on it just enough and so that they do not overdo it. See Also


Bruno Fagali’s Thoughts on Why Compliance is Key in Corporate Governance

In the business world, the meaning of the word “compliance” goes beyond agreeing to a set of internal instructions. According to Bruno Fagali, an attorney, it is a practice that should be embraced in corporate governance. Fagali also believes that board members and executives should be mandated with the role of monitoring and dealing with illegal acts and unethical conduct in their companies.

In Brazil, corporate integrity and compliance issues are covered in the country’s anti-corruption law. The anti-corruption law also provides guidelines on how private and public ventures can formulate compliance and corporate integrity or ethics policies. Furthermore, ventures found to guilty of indulging in tender fraud or corruption are liable to penalties.

Bruno Fagali is certain that there are several ways in which companies can avoid tender fraud or corruption cases. For instance, they should vet potential partners before facilitating any transaction. Vetting in this context entails reviewing the partner’s government-issued registration certificate and tax compliance certificate. Bruno Fagali believes that corporate integrity will be fostered once these certificates are reviewed.

Fagali also advises business owners to check the conditions of work of their potential partners. This initiative helps to determine whether they are compliant with the laws on slave and child labor. It is also used to prove that the potential partner respects civil servants’ rights.

Business owners should verify their counterpart’s National Classification of Economic Activities (CNAE) certificate. They should also confirm whether the partner has a Portal of the Transparency of the Federal Government certification. This certification is an indication of a company’s proper use of public resources.

About Bruno Fagali

Bruno Fagali practices law at FAGALI Advocacy, which specializes in administrative contracts, urban law, bidding law, and regulatory law. The firm also specializes in administrative and civil liability processes. Fagali is an LLB graduate of the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo. Before he launched FAGALI Advocacy, he used to practice law at the Brazilian Institute of Law and Corporate Ethics.

Bruno Fagali gained most of his experience in corporate integrity and ethics from Nova/sb. He serves as the ad agency’s corporate integrity manager. He is responsible for monitoring and overseeing the ad agency’s corporate integrity program. One of his notable achievements at Nova/sb involved creating a committee for ethics for the company. Learn more:


Finding the Best Lawyer in Brazil with Ricardo Tosto

The process of finding a lawyer can be both stressing and involving, but nonetheless important. Lawyers help you do a couple of things including writing a will, defending you in a court of law or better yet advising you and your business on a daily basis. Brazil is among the countries with a lot of lawyers, therefore, finding one should not be a problem. The following should be some of your considerations when choosing a qualified lawyer of Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho nature and read full article.

Academic qualifications

When looking for a lawyer you need to be well informed of the process. A good lawyer is one who has attained all the necessary requirements needed to actually practice law. Ensure there the lawyer you choose has a basic law degree from a reputable academic institution; everyone has completed their vocational training, qualified and admitted to the bar.

Lawyer Experience

Hiring a lawyer who has attained all the basic education requirements is not enough; you need somebody who is up to speed with the law process since the law keeps on changing from time to time. On top of their experience, ensure the lawyer you are choosing has a track record of winning his or her cases if you want to be guaranteed of a win on your case.


As stated earlier, Brazil has a couple of lawyers but not all of them will be able to guarantee you a win on your case. When choosing a lawyer, go for one who is reputable and has no record of irregularities in his or her CV. Check with the necessary authorities in your area to be sure of this and learn more about Ricardo.


About Ricardo Tosto

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is among the most trusted lawyers you will ever get in Brazil. Mr. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho specialty is in the region of Business criminal law, commercial law and contracts, Debt and Credit Restructuring, civil law and Banking law. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has helped a number of companies achieve a lot of success and can be quite beneficial on your team.

Mr. Tosto is a founding member of Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados. He is fluent English and Portuguese languages thus making him competitive in the Brazilian economy and Ricardo on Facebook.

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