PUC-Sao Paolo Honors Marco Antonio Marques da Silva at recent award ceremony

Recently, in Brazil, PUC-Sao Paolo awarded judge Marco Antonio Marques da Silva with their highest award. He has also been honored with having an auditorium at a Brazilian university named after him.

Judge Marco Antonio Marques da Silva is a Criminal Law professor at the same Brazilian university that named an auditorium after him.

Dirceu de Mellom, a Brazilian president and an ex-president of the Sao Paolo Court of Appeals, hosted the ceremony where Marco Antonio Marques da Silva received the award. Mellom believes that Marco Antonio Marques da Silva has a great dynamism and always wanted to help people.

A PUC professor and lawyer named Ricardo Sayeg made a speech at the ceremony honoring Marco Antonio Marques da Silva. In his speech, he spoke about da Silva’s career and life.

Sayeg believes that da Silva was born in 1958 in the Brazilian city of Itapetininga. When he was 15 years old, he knew that he wanted to have a legal career.

He started his road on the way to becoming a lawyer by starting at PUC in 1977 and graduating in 1981 as a Law major. He also got Masters, Doctorate and Teaching degrees from Pontifical Catholic University. In 1982, he fulfilled his dream of having a career in law by becoming a professor at PUC.

He became in Brazilian state judge in 1983 and has been a judge in Palmeira, D’Oeste, Monte Alto, Diadema and Sao Paolo counties. He was promoted to substitute judge in 2002 and was further promoted to the Court of Appeals in 2007.

Sayeg mentioned that Marco da Silva is known for his published works. He has written 13 books and 40 articles. He co-wrote the book called Luso-Brazilian Treaty on Human Dignity with Jorge Miranda, a European Constitutional Law Professor. Brazilian and European judges also made their contributions to this book.