Jeff Herman Shares Tips On Protecting Kids From Abuse

Jeff Herman is the founder of the Herman Law Firm. Herman is a highly recognized attorney that has dedicated his career to defending victims of sexual abuse and violence. Herman has a strong commitment to protecting exploited children. He warns parents that their kids are subject to abuse on a daily basis. There are child predators walking around in their community. Now, child predators are searching for vulnerable children online to abuse. Often, parents are too busy with their own work and careers to focus on their kid’s activities online or offline. It is vital for parents to take an interest in all their kids activities to prevent abuse.


It’s All About Communication

In his interview with IdeaMensch, Jeff Herman stated that he strongly believes that it begins with strong communication between parents and their kids. Therefore, it is vital for parents to arm their kids with knowledge about abuse and what is appropriate behavior between an adult and child. Often, kids are simply not aware that they are being abused. They are very naive and vulnerable and simply do not recognize the signs of abuse. Herman advocates that parents sit their kids down and have a conversation about abuse and abusive acts with their children. Hopefully, this knowledge will help kids avoid becoming the victim of a child predator.


When To Have The Talk

According to Jeff Herman, often, parents think that their child is just too young to hear about child predators and sexual abuse. The fact is that parents delay talking about this subject, making their child vulnerable to predators. Certainly, predators search for naive and innocent victims that simply are not aware of the predatory dangers in the real world and the online world. Start the talk at any early age. Let the child know what appropriate touching and inappropriate touching is. Teach the child to say no and to come to them about any problems or complaints they have with an adult or another child. See This Page to learn more.


Jeff Herman relates that it is important for kids to Recognize The Signs Of Abuse. Parents must keep the lines of communication open with their kids too. Building trust between a parent and child will ultimately protect the child.