Fortress Investment Group: Investments and Assets

Fortress Investment Group has taken on the financial industry head on and came out with a ton of success. They have made their way through the market impressing investors and customers for nearly a decade. The private equity firm began in 1998 with a strong focus on real estate. It didn’t take long for the business to land on the New York Stock Exchange as one of the largest IPOs the market hasn’t seen in a long time back in 2007. The co-founders are Wes Edens and Randal Nardone, who both have an abundance of experience in the finance world. It’s no secret this alternative private equity business knows a thing or to when it comes to giving great returns to investors. Their diversified management company has handled upwards of 43 billion in assets that entail permanent capital to hedge funds. Here are the core areas of focus: Visit

Capital Markets

Operations Management

Sector-specific expertise of institution and businesses

asset-based investing

corporate mergers and acquisitions

Fortress Investment Group knows how to build the adequate tools that have loured investors to their doors. Many have known they are excellent at creating a strategy and managing client portfolios. They have a team in place with a deep understanding of how the markets works and pays off for investors. Fortress Investment Group has built a lot of relationships with corporate executives, higher end management pros and corporate board members. They are a specialty company that grasps the capital markets like no other equity firm out there. Fortress Investment Group stands firmly behind their view to have an alternative asset strategy to raise private equity and place it within edgy money making vehicles. From the beginning as their growth started, the business took in 3.9 billion, just in five years. Read more on

Fortress Investment Group saw their funds take a leap of 40 percent to the year 2006. Since that time, the organization has stuck with their success and business module that simply works and keeps impressing investors all around the world. The co-founders remain involved in all aspects of the business.

Learn How Matt Badiali Has Always Been On a Winning Streak

People who work in an influential publishing company have immense exposure to the things happening around the world. Bayan Hill Publishing is one of the great publishing companies you can find in the world today. It’s an incredibly massive financial publishing company that is a top of mind brand in the investing world. The company prides itself on having over 400, 000 readers on a daily basis and a wide global reach. The company is associated with smart people such as Jeff Yastine, and Paul Mampilly, who have given incomparable contributions to it. Although these two people have made this company great, it is evident Matt Badiali is among the greatest names in this company. View to learn more.

Matt Badiali prides himself in having traveled to different countries with the aim of learning about the different facets in geology. He is a skilled and competent expert when it comes to the natural resources. For this reason, many people value his input in the industry. This has granted him the opportunity to shake hands with renowned leaders such as T. Boone Pickens and present his ideas to Exxon Mobil. His name tops the list of the most experienced and productive CEOs in the industry. His expertise can be attributed to his education background. He studied geology and his vast knowledge in this field has made his name a force in the industry. With his immense knowledge, Matt Badiali has come up with unique strategies that would be used across the world.

Badiali is a trendsetter in the industry, and he influences major decisions. This can be attributed to the increased number of people who have invested in Master Limited Partnerships. This is due to the viral video that he released where he shows the substantial amount of money that he made after investing in Master Limited Partnerships. The Freedom Checks video as it is popularly known is a brilliant idea that Matt Badiali came up with. As a result, the video has amplified his reach and popularity.

Badiali is a man of good moral standing who ensures that his motives are crystal clear as well. Even though he is not a Wall Street guy, his demeanor appeals to the consumers at home. This is a strategy that has made him earn a substantial amount of money, as well as, earn immense respect from the industry players. The video about him has played a major role in earning him a lot of respect in the industry. Matt Badiali is a man who understands the investment field from every scope, and he doesn’t hold back any helpful information on investment. Learn more: