Ian King is a well-known cryptocurrency trader and investor, who has had experience for over 20 years in the operations and evaluation of financial securities. The reason as to why he is one of Investopedia’s top correspondents is his zeal for the crypto resources market. He invented a program which would assist day to day investors to go about easily on cryptocurrency deals and offers.

He started about as a novice in a bond trading department at a Mortgaging company later on moving to a Credit retaining company in Citigroup. He then spent ten years working at a Hedge Fund company as its senior trader in New York. Visit Ian King on facebook for more updates.

Ian King was brought to Banyan hill in late 2017 to update readers with the rapidly growing and flourishing Crypto market. He came to Banyan Hill publishing because he is a cryptocurrency expert and investor and the readers wanted more than just information but rather information from a person who could advise them based on personal experience. And Ian King owns cryptocurrency trading company. He is the head of Banyan Hill’s Crypto Profit Trade which gives its traders the latest updates on cryptosystem changes.

A crypto coin is an asset that is digitally framed to function as a form of exchange that uses cryptography to ensure safe transactions are carried out and to modify the making of extra units that certify the transfer of assets.

Ian King talks about the profits of Bitcoin shooting to 1500% on medium.com and the talks of specialists saying that it may be the end of Bitcoin. He says that all has not concluded but rather the beginning of several cryptocurrency markets. He believes that it is far much safer in 2018 to invest in Bitcoin than it was two years back and the possibilities of losing completely have been highly narrowed. It is also easier to trade since the creations of individual applications have made trading in Bitcoin much simpler and efficient. Also, the barriers to trade have been removed, and now any person willing to invest can own as much Crypto assets as they want.

Ian Graham King was born on 24th April 1956 and is a British national currently living in Portsmouth. He is married and has one son. He is the owner of Intellicoins where he avails essential information on Cryptocurrency for investors and others willing to explore the market.

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Jed McCaleb Foresees the Blockchain Technology Having Its Way in the Banking Industry

Jed McCaleb a cryptocurrency longtime developer and the founder of Mt. Gox bitcoin has predicted that the cryptocurrency technology will change the global payments, stock markets and fundraising in the coming days.

McCaleb has been involved in several huge crypto organizations over the years starting with Mt. Gox bitcoin exchange which he sold to Mark Karpeles in 2011. McCaleb is also the co-founder of Ripple, which is currently the third cryptocurrency in the digital market. McCaleb is working at Stellar as the co-founder and chief technology officer. This organization, which is working on developing a cross-border payment s cryptocurrency network was established in 2014.

During an interview with CNBC, McCaleb shared his views on the underlying potential of cryptocurrency to gain traction in the near future. He says that with the use of the blockchain technology, which is visible but unchangeable, a universal payments network will be born which will allow people to use the current operational currencies.

Stellar is actually working towards solving this issue, by developing a network which settles transactions in 5 seconds and allows users to use centralized currencies such as USD and Euro. Some organizations are already using Stellars Network such as IBM.

McCaleb also said that the initial coin offerings which are the token sales phenomenon illustrate the many untapped markets excluded by the financial markets. This phenomenon has raised close to $9 billion in just four short years. Unlike the traditional model, retail investors get direct access token sales thus have an access to the future platform.

McCaleb also predicts that non-crypto assets like stocks will soon be part of the cryptocurrency digitization. He foresees a decentralized exchange in almost all equity. As a matter of fact, some startups are already allowing investors purchase stock using digital coins such as Securrency which is based in Maryland.

Stellar uses XLM coins referred to as lumens. Early this year this cryptocurrency experienced an exponential rise featuring among the top 10 cryptocurrencies as per market capitalization.

Being the head technical development, McCaleb works towards improving the human condition by reducing inefficiency.

Jed also works with MIRI, an artificial intelligence researcher, as an advisor.