Penelope Kokkinides- A Woman with Exceptional and Extraordinary Serving Skills

Penelope Kokkinides believes that increasing the funding of Puerto Rico managed to care program the Medicare Advantage will play a vital role in improving the people health. According to her meeting with President Donald Trump and CMS Administrators, the Puerto Ricans needs a more superior managed care services that are well funded. The meeting was successful with Penelope Kokkinides winning his argument and getting numerously favorable changes towards the healthcare industry and services for Puerto Ricans. The meeting took place in the White House with eight women in attendance that held a panel discussion with President Trump on a matter pertaining to Federal Health Care.


Penelope Kokkinides states that the organization structure of the Island health care system should blend nicely with the clinical applications and operations making the process affordable. Kokkinides main focus in the managed healthcare is the provision of efficient and improved structural connection between clients and the companies offering the services.


Penelope prides in providing exceptional services to Puerto Ricans as the Chief Administrator Officer of InnovaCare since June 2015. The InnovaCare Company provided well calculated and affordable managed healthcare services to over 200,000 people or Puerto Rican for 120 years. The central mandate of the company is offering the most innovative healthcare with the help of an extraordinary and knowledgeable team of management lead by Dr. Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides.


Penelope Kokkinides did his Biological course in Sciences from the University of the Binghamton, and at the same place, she undertook a degree in the Classical Languages. Penelope went to New York University for her Masters in Social Work, and at the University of the Columbia, she took another masters degree in Public Health Management. She later opted to extend her studies by taking another Master degree course in the services of Diseases and Care Management and alcohol and substance abuse post graduate.


Penelope Kokkinides has worked in the high position of both private and government institution. She was the Chief Operating Officer and the vice president of the Benter Lights Company. She also worked at the Medicaid organization and the Medicare Advantage holding a senior position and leading to the tremendous growth of the company client base and improved healthcare management services.


Sussex Healthcare

In the year 1985, Sussex Healthcare started in the United Kingdom. The institution works honorably with its employees having much respect for the patients. The institution runs more than 23 homes and 500-bed spaces for the seniors. We honor the commitments and dedication of our workers through various rewards.

The experience in our amenities is one with a sense of comfort regarding the emotional and psychological feelings. We value our time spent together with the residents as if they are our family members. Thus, many people have trust in us providing care to their loved ones. The institution purpose to give full life experience with the help of our trained staff and superior facilities.

Sussex Healthcare is a responsibility of two co-founders; Shafik Sachedina is an experienced medical dentist from the University of London. Sachedina got raised in Tanzania, Dar-es-Salaam. Born in the year 1950, he moved to the United Kingdom in his adolescence. Shiraz Boghani is also the co-chair of Sussex Healthcare. Boghani is a prominent philanthropist who qualifies in hospitality management. Recently, he received the Hotelier of the Year Honor from the Asian Business Awards 2016. Boghani is also the chairman of the Splendid Hospitality Group, a group running more than 23 successful hotels. Consequently, he receives full support from the Splendid family and the management team on his quests.

Together as co-chairs, Mr. Sachedina and Boghani make the Sussex Healthcare a place full of hospitality where people regain control of their life emotionally and mentally. In their assistance is the Chief Executive Officer, Amanda Morgan-Taylor. Morgan-Taylor is the 2018 newly appointed CEO. The leader has expertise in medical care. Morgan chose her career back in the year 1984 as a mental health nurse. The leader is a go-getter, and she worked her way up through ranks to be the CEO. Thus, understands the difficulties faced by her workers. Therefore, she promises them her reasonable consideration.

At Sussex Healthcare, the residents engage in various activities that help to stimulate them mentally and physically. Besides offering accommodation to the old, we provide reliable care to adults with different developing conditions like brain injuries, autism, learning disabilities, and neurological status. Our Caregivers purpose to offer healing environment, and we have chefs specialized in giving nutritious food even to people who need special dietary. We create the environment conducive to recreational activities and leisure. Our stimulating activities and facilities like spa pools, specialist gymnasium, and sensory room provide a sense of healing to people with depression, mental illness, and insomnia. Sussex Healthcare gets honored with awards and excellent rating for the work we are doing.


How Rick Shinto And Penelope Kokkinides Are Moving InnovaCare Health Forward

InnovaCare Health Inc. is a Fort Lee, NJ firm which offers Medicare Advantage plans and physician services in Puerto Rico. They were founded two decades ago now has over 500,000 clients. About half of their clients qualify for both Medicare and Medicaid. They have partnered with 50 hospital, 193 primary care providers, 410 specialty care providers, and 26 independent practice associations. InnovaCare Health is privately held.


This company is led by Rick Shinto, MD., MBA. He is both the president and chief executive officer. He has been an executive in the healthcare industry for more than 20 years. Other companies he has been a leader at include NAMM California, MMM Healthcare, Aveta Inc., and Medical Pathways Management Company among others. He started out his career as a medical doctor who specialized as a pulmonologist in the greater Los Angeles area.


During his career Dr. Rick Shinto has received a number of awards. A recent one he received on February 26, 2018. This was being named a Top 25 Minority Executive in Healthcare award by Modern Healthcare. This award honors minority executives who are making a positive difference in healthcare policies as well as care delivery models. Another award he won was in 2012 when he was named Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young.


As the Chief Administrative Officer Penelope Kokkinides is another top executive at InnovaCare Health. She is considered a national expert when it comes to Medicare and Medicaid and she has worked with these programs for more than two decades. Her role is to develop clinical programs at this company. She also manages InnovaCare’s operations and she focuses on creating an efficient organizational structure.


Both Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides were instrumental in an effort to introduce a new and improved payment methods plan. This is called Payment Lan (Learning and Action Network). The goal is to create a new health system model which is focused on quality-based payments rather than the current system which is based on sheer volume. This alternative payment model is designed to encourage hospitals and physicians to provide better care, not just more of it. The goal is to have more than 30% of healthcare payments in the United States to be paid through alternative methods in the near future. In order to measure progress, InnovaCare Health will keep track of results with the LAN Nationwide Data Collection Effort.


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