Michael Burwell: A Top Executive in the Financial Sector


The Willis Towers Watson has been operating since 1828, and the company is known for their global advisory services. Their clients were impressed with their ability to turn any risk into an investment opportunity, and in a few decades after their establishment, the company saw many business partners who wanted to work with them. The company is also strict when it comes to the people who will be a part of the company, as they are screening individuals applying for internal positions.

Employing the top individual for their posts contributed to the company’s success, and today, the company managed to build satellite offices in more than 140 countries. The company is also regarded as a top employer, providing jobs for 40,000 people around the world. Recently, the company’s chief financial officer retired, and the post became vacant. Willis Towers Watson opened the position to interested individuals, and hundreds of resumes were sent to the company, but they only need to choose one.

After carefully screening the applicants, the Willis Towers Watson announced that Michael Burwell got the position as the new chief financial officer of the company. Michael Burwell accumulated more than thirty years of experience working for the financial industry, and the Willis Towers Watson saw it as an advantage. Michael Burwell’s expertise in running financial establishments would contribute to the company’s goal of providing the best brokerage solutions for business people and private individuals across the country. He knows how to handle the job thanks to multiple work experiences that he had through the years of working in the financial sector. He used to work in leadership positions, and he is confident that it would help him to his job better.

John Haley, currently serving as the company’s chief executive officer, welcomed the selection of Michael Burwell as their new chief financial officer. He is looking forward to meeting the newest member of the executive department, and he is expecting a lot from someone who has been in the industry for three decades. He knew that their new chief financial officer would be contributing a lot to the success of the company and their goal of expanding their services further.


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Wildest Predictions from the Shervin Pishevar Tweet Storm

It seems like just one tweet from a famous people can make headlines for days. Just look at Elon Musk and his recent tweet which earned him a fine from the SEC. Well, recently there was another Silicon Valley titan that raised eyebrows with his tweets. Early Uber investor Shervin Pishevar went on an incredible 21-hour tweet storm that lead to thousands of retweets, likes and comments. Below are some of the more notable things Mr. Pishevar wrote during his tweet storm.

The Dow’s Longest Bull Market Will End

Since March of 2009, the Dow has been rising and rising with no end in sight. Well, Shervin Pishevar believes that the ride is about to end. One of his earliest tweets, the Silicon Valley investor said that the price of the Dow Jones Industrial Average could fall by as much as 30%. If that happens, then the Dow will enter the first bear market in over a decade.

The World’s Largest Cryptocurrency Will Crash Hard

In 2017, it seemed like everyone became an investor in Bitcoin. And the price of the wold’s largest cryptocurrency rose to an incredible $20,000 per coin. Shervin Pishevar, however, doesn’t see this trend lasting forever. In fact, the Silicon Valley expert predicted that the price of Bitcoin will fall and eventually settle somewhere between $2,000 to $5,000 per coin.

Start-Ups Will Bypass the Move to California

Just about every tech start-up looks to plant their shingle in the state of California. Well, Mr. Pishevar believes that this trend is about to be over. In the future, Shervin Pishevar believes that tech start-up will maintain their headquarters in other places around the world.

Big Tech Companies Will Stifle Tech Start-Ups

Shervin Pishevar has made his fortune in the Silicon Valley world. However, the early Uber investor believes that tech companies like Microsoft, Alphabet and Apple have too much power, much like Bell Telephone a century ago. Mr. Pishevar predicts that these powerful tech titans will prevent any other start-up from reaching the market cap values of the world’s biggest tech companies.


Michael Burwell And Willis Towers Watson

Michael Burwell has over 31 years of experience in his field. In addition, he had 11 years with PwC in the business advisory sector. He became a PwC partner in 1997 and elected CFO in 2009. He went to Michigan State University, where he was named Alumnus of the year in 2012 and has a bachelor’s degree in business administration. He is also a certified accountant.

As of October 2017, Michael Burwell took over CFO of Willis Towers Watson. He took the place of the former CFO, Roger Millay, when he voluntarily retired. Since he has so much experience, the team at Willis Towers Watson are extremely excited to have him joining and they are optimistic of the future.

When talking about joining Willis Towers Watson, Michael Burwell has stated that he’s honored and excited to be a part of the team. He also said he’s seen nothing but strength and commitment on their part. He’s excited to help the company stay successful.

In an interview with Inspirery, Michael Burwell talked about how some of the company’s best ideas have actually come from other people in the company. He also talked about staying productive by knowing how to do a lot of things with minimal tools. He says that it’s extremely important to use all of the tools available, so the company can get as many things done as they can every day.

One of the biggest pieces of advice that Michael Burwell gives is that it’s so important to network and make relationships. These relationships can make or break your career. He talked about some of his proudest accomplishments. One of those are that 4 of the people he’s mentored were able to move up and become partners at the company he worked at before Willis Towers Watson. It’s so great because all 4 of them had completely different skills. He’s also extremely proud of being able to help Willis Towers Watson increase efficiency without having to lay anyone off. He works hard and tries his best to be successful and help the company and his coworkers be successful as well.


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