Kate Hudson Makes Every Effort to Stay Competitive with Fabletics Brand

Kate Hudson knows how to drive sales; she will put things like leggings on sale, and she does that regularly through Fabletics. That is enough for her to be able to sell leggings to a ton of customers.


There are other times, however, where it may be harder for her to sell products because she may not have the dominance in a certain department. The activewear line, for example, is something that she puts a lot of time into marketing. She has worked on improving this and adjusting to customer demands. Much of this demand for the product comes from consumers that may have seen her utilizing these products in the commercials.


The reason that she has to stay competitive with this is because there were already other companies Under Armour and Sports Academy that were already dominant players in the area of activewear. Kate Hudson is putting more into marketing because activewear competition is heavy. This is an area where she has to work as hard because this is a staple for the Fabletics brand. This is what Fabletics has become known for. It is the stylish and comfortable brand of clothing that people can run errands in along with working out at the end of the day.


Fabletics is the type of company that has the potential to be a brand that is a household name. This may not have happened if Kate Hudson did not have a vision to bring more physical stores into place. The brand was thriving easily as a company that only functioned online with a few physical stores. More than 250 million was being generated in revenue when the brand was primarily online. Kate Hudson has plans to switch things around and bring forth a whole new consumer base that does not even shop online. This is going to tip the scales for Fabletics in the way that people know the company today.


Fabletics is the brand that lots of people are going to become familiar with because it connects people with an athletic clothing source that is affordable as well. Many people may be complaining that they are getting clothes that are for working out but they feel that they are overpaying. Kate Hudson wanted to address this in the world of athletic clothing and bring women something that was stylish, but she still wanted to make sure that it was affordable.