From a Tiger Woods-designed golf course, luxury apartments with interiors by Versace and Fendi to Bugatti styled villas! Well, these are just some of the excellent structures that Hussain Sajwani has established. The property company has now issued a tender for yet another tower at AYKON City. This second tower will be enacted on the luxury building that overlooks the canal in Dubai.


The owner of DAMAC Properties has worked hard to establish a reputable business empire as well as cement his name among the top business entrepreneurs in the world. The AYKON City tender will include more than 45 residential floors, three basements, and an entertainment section dubbed AYKON Plaza that includes a lifestyle sector, a rooftop, ten podium levels and a ground level. The construction at the site has already commenced and it’s progressing well. However, DAMAC Properties plans to introduce another construction partner by May. The property company had already contracted CSCEC to construct one tower of AYKON City. This structure will ideally be a city within Dubai. In addition to the features above, AYKON City will also have office space, a hotel, fully serviced apartments, and residential units. Visitors to the city will also get to have a fabulous view of the canal in Dubai.




The owner and CEO of DAMAC Properties launched his career by working in his father’s shop. However, his tide changed when he landed a government-sponsored scholarship to study in the US. He then graduated with an Industrial Engineering and Economics degree from the University of Washington.


Hussain Sajwani, however, established DAMAC Properties in 2002. Prior to this he had worked in the oil and gas industry and owned his own top tier catering service. The company maximized on the elevated estate boom in the Dubai in the mid-2000s and established itself among the top real estate companies in the Middle East.The public listed company managed to survive the Dubai property market collapse of 2008 and established itself as among the leading property development companies in UAE.


Hussain Sajwani, who won Property CEO of the Year – CEO Middle East Awards 2017, has over the years managed to land himself friends and business partners in high places including US President Donald Triumph.

Shiraz Boghani, Worlds’ Adorned Hotelier.

The hotel industry has come a long way to where it is now. With constant innovation and competition, only few unique individuals stand out. Among the few that rule the hotel empire is one; Shiraz Boghani. He has been praised and awarded for his exemplary performance in hotel management. In 2016, he was presented the Hotelier of the Year Business Award. Shiraz was in the frontline in forming the limited customer service hotels in London. With his talent he has worked for more than 30 years in dignity, competence, and bravery even in hard economic times. He chairs the Splendid Hospitality Group which is currently doing well in business performance.

Shiraz Boghani knows how to select staff members to be recruited into his form. With the help of fellow managers and executive, he is able to solve issues affecting the company. Stuart Bailey the CEO applauded him saying he knows how to take the hotel to the next level and lead private hotels in UK.

He is responsible in managing finances of 19 private hotels in the country. With keen interest in the changing fashion in hotels, Shiraz has invested in the newest hotel in the country that is valued at £ 121 million called Hilton London Bankside and Conrad London St. James. The York, Holiday Inn London and Grand Hotel and Spa have been managed by him and they are also at the top.

Business needs smart minds that can take over other firms. Using his negotiating skills, he has been able to own hotels like Mercure Bristol Brigstow Hotel and New Ellington which until now are getting big returns. Sussex Health Care Limited was in his mind but he has materialized it. Sussex Health Care Limited has the best hospitality facilities. The home was expanded and now has 500 beds. As one of the founders, Shiraz Boghani is the chairman of Sojourn Hotels LLP.

Philanthropy is important. Shiraz gives back to the society and his generosity covers people who need assistance. He has teamed up with Dr. Shafik and other leaders from the Ismaili Community to help in serving the Aga Khan Foundation in UK. He volunteers at the Aga Khan Development Network so as to show the community the importance of helping other human beings as a lesson in the Holy Quran. He is involved in organizations like National Council, Arbitration Board and at The Aga Khan University where he shares his wisdom to the young. He once was at the multinational company, KPMG.

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