Michael Burwell: A Top Executive in the Financial Sector


The Willis Towers Watson has been operating since 1828, and the company is known for their global advisory services. Their clients were impressed with their ability to turn any risk into an investment opportunity, and in a few decades after their establishment, the company saw many business partners who wanted to work with them. The company is also strict when it comes to the people who will be a part of the company, as they are screening individuals applying for internal positions.

Employing the top individual for their posts contributed to the company’s success, and today, the company managed to build satellite offices in more than 140 countries. The company is also regarded as a top employer, providing jobs for 40,000 people around the world. Recently, the company’s chief financial officer retired, and the post became vacant. Willis Towers Watson opened the position to interested individuals, and hundreds of resumes were sent to the company, but they only need to choose one.

After carefully screening the applicants, the Willis Towers Watson announced that Michael Burwell got the position as the new chief financial officer of the company. Michael Burwell accumulated more than thirty years of experience working for the financial industry, and the Willis Towers Watson saw it as an advantage. Michael Burwell’s expertise in running financial establishments would contribute to the company’s goal of providing the best brokerage solutions for business people and private individuals across the country. He knows how to handle the job thanks to multiple work experiences that he had through the years of working in the financial sector. He used to work in leadership positions, and he is confident that it would help him to his job better.

John Haley, currently serving as the company’s chief executive officer, welcomed the selection of Michael Burwell as their new chief financial officer. He is looking forward to meeting the newest member of the executive department, and he is expecting a lot from someone who has been in the industry for three decades. He knew that their new chief financial officer would be contributing a lot to the success of the company and their goal of expanding their services further.


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Michael Burwell And Willis Towers Watson

Michael Burwell has over 31 years of experience in his field. In addition, he had 11 years with PwC in the business advisory sector. He became a PwC partner in 1997 and elected CFO in 2009. He went to Michigan State University, where he was named Alumnus of the year in 2012 and has a bachelor’s degree in business administration. He is also a certified accountant.

As of October 2017, Michael Burwell took over CFO of Willis Towers Watson. He took the place of the former CFO, Roger Millay, when he voluntarily retired. Since he has so much experience, the team at Willis Towers Watson are extremely excited to have him joining and they are optimistic of the future.

When talking about joining Willis Towers Watson, Michael Burwell has stated that he’s honored and excited to be a part of the team. He also said he’s seen nothing but strength and commitment on their part. He’s excited to help the company stay successful.

In an interview with Inspirery, Michael Burwell talked about how some of the company’s best ideas have actually come from other people in the company. He also talked about staying productive by knowing how to do a lot of things with minimal tools. He says that it’s extremely important to use all of the tools available, so the company can get as many things done as they can every day.

One of the biggest pieces of advice that Michael Burwell gives is that it’s so important to network and make relationships. These relationships can make or break your career. He talked about some of his proudest accomplishments. One of those are that 4 of the people he’s mentored were able to move up and become partners at the company he worked at before Willis Towers Watson. It’s so great because all 4 of them had completely different skills. He’s also extremely proud of being able to help Willis Towers Watson increase efficiency without having to lay anyone off. He works hard and tries his best to be successful and help the company and his coworkers be successful as well.


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Michael J Burwell is an accomplished businessman who has a variety of skills in business. He holds a certification in public accountancy and is very knowledgeable in portfolio management, financial reporting among others. He studied at Michigan State University for his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.


In August 2017, Michael Burwell was appointed by Willis Towers Watson as the incoming Chief Financial Officer. He was to serve after the retirement of his predecessor Roger Millay.


Mr. Burwell previously served at Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC) for over three decades. He gained experience in several business fields during his working time there. Michael also worked with audit clients in the area of assurance practice for 11 years. After Michael Burwell successfully initiated transaction services by PwC in Detroit, following his partnership in 1997, Michael Burwell got a promotion. He was made the man in charge of the central region of PwC and later climbed higher on the ladder of success to be the overall leader of US Transaction Services.


The year 2007 saw him appointed as the Chief Financial Officer of PwC and a year later, he became the Chief Operating Officer handling the company’s business in the United States. Michael J Burwell’s rise in status came again in 2012 when he was made the Vice Chairman of the US and Global Transformation. Mike Burwell also worked with some of his clients as their senior relationship partner during his time in PwC.


His entry and appointment into Willis Tower Watson was met by the warmest welcomes and appreciation from the existing leadership. John Haley, the Chief Executive Officer, expressed his excitement to have him on board. He acknowledged the skills possessed by Mr. Burwell. His expertise in transactions, transformation, and finance, as well as his excellent management skills, gave him an upper hand. His were just what Willis Tower Watson needed to achieve their set goals.


Willis Tower Watson is an advisory and solutions global company that has successfully helped its clients to gauge the business world for risks. The clients are then guided on how to either face them, avoid them or take advantage of the situation. They believe in working together in order to reach their ultimate potential. Go Here for related Information.


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Jed McCaleb Foresees the Blockchain Technology Having Its Way in the Banking Industry

Jed McCaleb a cryptocurrency longtime developer and the founder of Mt. Gox bitcoin has predicted that the cryptocurrency technology will change the global payments, stock markets and fundraising in the coming days.

McCaleb has been involved in several huge crypto organizations over the years starting with Mt. Gox bitcoin exchange which he sold to Mark Karpeles in 2011. McCaleb is also the co-founder of Ripple, which is currently the third cryptocurrency in the digital market. McCaleb is working at Stellar as the co-founder and chief technology officer. This organization, which is working on developing a cross-border payment s cryptocurrency network was established in 2014.

During an interview with CNBC, McCaleb shared his views on the underlying potential of cryptocurrency to gain traction in the near future. He says that with the use of the blockchain technology, which is visible but unchangeable, a universal payments network will be born which will allow people to use the current operational currencies.

Stellar is actually working towards solving this issue, by developing a network which settles transactions in 5 seconds and allows users to use centralized currencies such as USD and Euro. Some organizations are already using Stellars Network such as IBM.

McCaleb also said that the initial coin offerings which are the token sales phenomenon illustrate the many untapped markets excluded by the financial markets. This phenomenon has raised close to $9 billion in just four short years. Unlike the traditional model, retail investors get direct access token sales thus have an access to the future platform.

McCaleb also predicts that non-crypto assets like stocks will soon be part of the cryptocurrency digitization. He foresees a decentralized exchange in almost all equity. As a matter of fact, some startups are already allowing investors purchase stock using digital coins such as Securrency which is based in Maryland.

Stellar uses XLM coins referred to as lumens. Early this year this cryptocurrency experienced an exponential rise featuring among the top 10 cryptocurrencies as per market capitalization.

Being the head technical development, McCaleb works towards improving the human condition by reducing inefficiency.

Jed also works with MIRI, an artificial intelligence researcher, as an advisor.

AvaTrade Review: Online Forex Trading Company

AvaTrade is an online forex trading company that also offers CFDs trade. The company was created in 2006, and it has since then developed to become one of the complete trading platforms. At the time of its creation, it was called AvaFX. Initially, it was just a forex trading company. The founders however later saw the need to rebrand it to suit its new markets. AvaTrade has tremendously grown, and it now has markets in eleven countries. The company has also rejuvenated their services to enable access from all internet-enabled devices. Today it is possible to trade on the AvaTrade platform using a cell phone.


The company is registered as AVA Trade EU, and its headquarters are in Ireland. The Central Bank of Ireland regulates it just like any other financial institution in the country. The Company is also licensed to operate in the EU countries through the MiFID regulation. AvaTrade is also independently regulated by financial regulatory bodies where it exists. For example, in Australia, it is controlled by Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC). Other regulatory bodies of AvaTrade include Japanese Financial Services Authority (JFSA) in Japan and Financial Services Board for South Africa.


Clients who intend to trade on the AvaTrade platform have the liberty to choose their two major trading options. These are fixed spreads and floating spreads. The choice of the spread option will determine the actual cost that the client will incur after trading on their platforms. Clients have preferences of their own depending on the kind and size of their trades. It is, however, advisable for clients to use the variable option as they can be charged lower when the trade volumes are low.


AvaTrade is committed to giving the best service to their clients. They have incorporated research tools on their platforms to ensure that clients have access to all the information they need about trading. There are also frequent articles on the current market situations to aid traders in making the right decision. Additionally, AvaTrade provides real-time signals directly to the client’s devices. They also have simulation options for trading on platforms such as ZuluTrade and Tradency. Clients who are not well versed in trading have the opportunity to copy trade from these platforms through AvaTrade.

Michael Burwell Takes Over As CFO Of Willis Towers Watson

In August 2017, Willis Towers Watson announced that they would be appointing a new CFO to the company. This announcement made Michael Burwell the new CFO of Willis Towers Watson, who started performing his role as the CFO of the company a few weeks after the announcement was made. Burwell was appointed in replacement of Roger Millay and started overseeing all of the operations of the company as soon as he was instituted. As the leader to such a large company like Willis Towers, Burwell had a lot resting on his shoulders when he took over from Millay, but nevertheless, was confident that he would be able to perform his role well.



Michael Burwell’s career in the financial sector has been impressive and has spanned over countless years. He has offered his services in a financial advisory to countless clients and companies through the course of his career, and through the numerous companies that he has worked with. Burwell has held several notable positions at the companies that he was employed at and has contributed immensely to their growth and development while he led them. Even though the road to success was not as easy as one would think, Burwell knew what his end goal was and worked hard to achieve that, and one day is a successful name in the field. Some of the more notable executive positions that he has worked at through the course of his career were when he led companies like Transaction Services and Global Transformation Services.



After the announcement of Michael Burwell’s appointment was made, several members of the board of Willis Towers Watson came forward to congratulate Burwell and formally welcome him to the team. One of the people who came forward to welcome Burwell was the CEO of the company, who extended his support to Burwell in the ventures that he is about to take on with the company.



Willis Towers Watson is a company that specializes in financial advisory and brokerage services that can help clients who want to make smart investments and improves their finances. The company is operational in 140 different countries across the world and has over forty thousand employees working with them. The goal of the company is to help clients who want to grow their business and personal funds through informed and smart investments. The company believes in employing only the very best of advisors and analysts to offer top quality services to the clients who come to them. Go To This Page for more information.


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