Eos lip balm for about a decade has taken over an oversaturated industry and is the best pick for bloggers concentrating on beauty, millennials and experts alike. Sharp marketing and extensive research ensured that Eos lip balm had a competitive advantage. In 2007 the United States product was launched and ever since the organization has been expanding globally. Proper techniques that were employed propelled the product to greater heights; it became the top-selling lip balm in the nation in a short period of time. The most surprising thing is that it even outperform prominent time-tested brands like Blistex and Chapstick. Eos lip balm success has been credited to its dedicated team and the extensive market research.

Sajiv Mehra and Jonathon Teller, the cofounders of Eos lip balm believed the brand was destined to be scalable and global in its line of products. According to the co-founders, the product was intended to be an international brand, ready to transform and flow with the unique interests of the market. Before launching the United States product, Mehra and Teller combined their energy into discovering precisely what the clients needed the most and was not readily available in the industry. They found out that lip balm was viewed as a commodity that was unisex in nature for about 100 years, despite a number of research indicate it is an item used predominantly by women.

The duo carried out a check of the market of lip care, particularly lip balm, and they observed the market had the same products. They realized this opening in the industry was the ideal opportunity to exploit fully. The brand developed something they called the widespread interest, which utilized endless long stretches of preliminary research. Through mingling with women, they formulated together what they envisioned could be an internationally recognized lip balm.