Krishen Iyer Reveals How To Build Effective Email Marketing Campaigns

Managed Benefits Services is a Carlsbad, California company that offers insurance leads, consulting services, and marketing services. Its Chief Executive Officer Krishen Iyer founded this company in February 2016. He used to own an operate another insurance and marketing firm, MNP Insurance, which also offered insurance marketing services.

Krishen Iyer has become highly skilled at advertising, generating health insurance and dental insurance leads, insurance, and marketing. He says that being a naturally curious individual has helped him become successful in the marketing and insurance business and leading him to new ways to improve his company.

He says that as long as you go about it right marketing via email is actually highly successful. Research indicates that people like to read their email as long as it is relevant to their lives. He shares the story of a dentist who greatly boosted his business by sending out marketing emails. He makes sure that the emails are personal, anticipated, and relevant as for why people read them.

Krishen Iyer crafts these types of emails for his customers in the insurance industry. He puts in practical suggestions so that readers find them relevant. It’s also cost effective. The rate of return for each dollar put into an email marketing campaign can result in a return on investment of $44. His marketing style is called forward-leaning.

At Managed Benefits Services, Krishen Iyer provides essential support to insurance agents beyond leading marketing efforts. He has a lead management service that does away with old, tired, oversold leads that don’t work. He has analytics in his online platform that weed out the bad leads so that only the good ones are presented to the insurance agents he works with.

Outside of his work he enjoys spending time with his family. He also enjoys actively participating in tennis and chess games as well as following soccer.

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