How Igor Cornelsen Found Success As An Investor

Growing up, Igor Cornelsen wanted to be an engineer. He enrolled at the Federal University of ParanĂ¡ because it was the only university in the Brazilian state he grew up in. However, midway through his studies, he decided to instead complete a degree in economics. Upon graduation in 1970 he found employment at an investment bank where he first got his feet wet in the financial industry.

Igor Cornelsen’s career soon took him to one of Brazils major financial centers, Rio de Janeiro. He became an investment banker and found success at a number of Brazil’s largest banks such as Multibanco where he was the chief executive officer. He also worked for Unibanco and Libra Bank PLC. His career at this latter bank changed the course of his life because it was a London Investment Bank. What this meant was that rather than being paid in Brazilian real he earned his paychecks in American dollars. The consequence of this was that he could invest in companies around the world.

He started to invest his money in European and American firms and achieved great financial success doing so. In 1995 he founded his own investment firm and started offering his services to others. He says that he informs his investing decision by reading Reuters every day. He depends on Reuters because it is a source of information that is unbiased and just sticks to the facts. He says he reads a lot of information about different industries and stays away from opinion-based articles because they are a waste of time.

Today, Igor Cornelsen is retired, although he does still manage his investment firm. He spends about half the year in Brazil and the other half of the year in Southern Florida where he owns property. He is often found on the golf course as that is by far his favorite hobby.

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