Chris Burch of Burch Creative Capital

Chris Burch founded Burch Creative Capital to help him bring his nearly forty years of investment and development experience to new ideas and opportunities. After his youthful success in the apparel industry, Chris Burch wanted to help bring other new ideas to life for other people with his expertise, read ( He has made dozens of investments in successful ventures across the globe.

Some of his many investment and development successes include Cocoon9, a prefab housing manufacturer selling to people who want smaller, but still comfortable and reliable, housing options than the standard American home. Burch says he respects the recent trend of Americans preferring to spend their time and money on experiences in the world instead of accumulating stuff, especially among millennials.

Burch also purchased the Indonesian resort of Nihiwatu on the island of Sumba in 2012. After extensive renovations on the resort property it was named Travel & Leisure’s #1 Hotel in the world in 2016, helpful source on

Burch also recently partnered with TV personality Ellen DeGeneres to help her develop her lifestyle line, ED by Ellen DeGeneres. Burch says he admires Ellen for her effortless ability to read and connect with people she meets. This is an important skill in Burch’s eyes, as he thinks listening to people is the main key to success. As an investor and developer who prefers focusing on new, innovative ideas from passionate, creative people, listening to and understanding people is an important part of Chris Burch’s business and his life.

When asked about his reactions to his past professional failures, Burch says he has no regrets about his past failures. He says he owns all his mistakes, but rather than beat himself up about them he learns from them and moves on with his life with a greater sense of clarity for having learned from his mistakes, click

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