David McDonald of OSI Is A One Company Man

David McDonald, President of OSI Industries, is in one way a throwback to another time. Less than one year after earning his BS in Animal Science from Iowa State University, he went to work for the OSI Group, and 31 years later he is still there. OSI Group LLC is a global food processor located in Aurora, IL. OSI employs more than 20,000 people worldwide.

According to a recent interview on Inspirey, McDonald started out near the bottom of OSI’s management hierarchy as a project manager. He immediately began climbing the company ladder.

OSI processes and distributes wholesale food products across the globe. The global nature of the business demands that McDonald pay constant attention to the logistics of maintaining an uninterrupted flow of products to its customers.

David McDonald says he shares and has shared OSI’s vision from his first day. That vision is OSI’s goal always to surpass customer expectations. Fulfilling that vision, says McDonald, is what keeps customers coming back.

McDonald says OSI strives to become one with the local culture. Only then can we truly grasp the needs of our customers. Only then can we deliver the things our customers welcome and need. OSI Group’s Spain Plant Doubles Chicken Output with Recent Expansion.

David McDonald allowed that dealing with OSI’s newest operation in China makes for an interesting set of challenges, particularly in establishing relationships with suppliers and government agencies. He re-emphasized that the key to and OSI’s success is that ability to build relationships. But McDonald says establishing the new plant in China has been very satisfying because of the broad challenges it’s presented.

David McDonald says that though he is proud OSI, he never brags about its success, and notes that that might prevent many from learning about OSI Group. However, he said, OSI’s clients do value the quality we provide, and that’s what matters.

Some of the acquisitions and expansions that occurred during McDonald’s time at OSI include the following.

• GenOSI Expansion & partnership, Philipines, 1990

• Vista Processed Foods in India, expansion, 1995

• Moy Park Chicken, acquisition, 1996

• Padley Poultry, acquisition, 2004

• Dove Valley, acquisition, 2004

• Amick Farms (poultry), acquisition, 2004

• Weihai Poultry in China, expansion, 2009

• Culinary Innovation Center Aurora, IL, creation, 2011

• DaOSI in China, joint venture, 2013

• and many others.
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Dr. Saad Saad Advice To Parents About Children And Foreign Objects

If you are a parent, you know children put everything in their mouths. They want to know what is feels like, tastes like, and they cannot help it. On the other hand, there are small objects that can get lodged in their windpipe causing them to choke and what not.


What do you do in case your child starts choking on a foreign object? Dr. Saad Saad, an expert in the field gives readers life saving tips to help you child in need. If you kid is over the age of six, giving them the Heimlich maneuver is best. It is done by standing behind them, putting your arms around their waist, and pushing in so they object flies out. If your child is younger than six, you need to hold them upside down by their legs and the object should just fall out. Do not try to pry the object out with a tool or you fingers Dr. Saad Saad says. If all else fails and these methods do not work, head to your local emergency room as soon as possible.


As a practicing pediatrician and thoracic surgeon, Dr. Saad Saad has seen a lot in his 47 year plus career. He has worked for Saudi Royalty in Saudi Arabia, has helped over 1,000 children with life saving surgeries, and has gone on a total of 12 medical missions to Jerusalem and the United States. He has been associated with many hospitals including Monmouth Medical Center and Hackensack Meridian Health Jersey Shore University Medical Center. Both of these hospitals are located in New Jersey, where he lives in a town called Eatontown. Dr. Saad Saad has decades of experience removing foreign objects from children with bronchoscopy and endoscopes. He even patented two new inventions, one involving an improved endoscope invention. Saad Saad has a plaque on his wall that has all the foreign objects he removed. This is a nice reminder of his accomplishments and the lives he saved. There are a few objects that are the most dangerous to swallow according to Dr. Saad Saad. The most dangerous one is batteries. They come in all shapes and sizes, but the smallest ones are the worst. Watch batteries are very small and easy to swallow. They can break and leak inside a child’s body and create a whole lot of damage. Peanuts and hot dogs are also very dangerous because they can get lodge in the throat and are hard to remove. Learn more : https://angel.co/saad-saad-2


Eos lip balm for about a decade has taken over an oversaturated industry and is the best pick for bloggers concentrating on beauty, millennials and experts alike. Sharp marketing and extensive research ensured that Eos lip balm had a competitive advantage. In 2007 the United States product was launched and ever since the organization has been expanding globally. Proper techniques that were employed propelled the product to greater heights; it became the top-selling lip balm in the nation in a short period of time. The most surprising thing is that it even outperform prominent time-tested brands like Blistex and Chapstick. Eos lip balm success has been credited to its dedicated team and the extensive market research.

Sajiv Mehra and Jonathon Teller, the cofounders of Eos lip balm believed the brand was destined to be scalable and global in its line of products. According to the co-founders, the product was intended to be an international brand, ready to transform and flow with the unique interests of the market. Before launching the United States product, Mehra and Teller combined their energy into discovering precisely what the clients needed the most and was not readily available in the industry. They found out that lip balm was viewed as a commodity that was unisex in nature for about 100 years, despite a number of research indicate it is an item used predominantly by women.

The duo carried out a check of the market of lip care, particularly lip balm, and they observed the market had the same products. They realized this opening in the industry was the ideal opportunity to exploit fully. The brand developed something they called the widespread interest, which utilized endless long stretches of preliminary research. Through mingling with women, they formulated together what they envisioned could be an internationally recognized lip balm.

The Centered Leadership, Success and Prodigy Skills of William Saito

There are executives today that can’t adapt to the modern tech changes in the industry. These market executives can’t scale up their projects, can’t get the funding they need and won’t be able to secure their lead in the competition. However, this is the area where executives like Japanese-American tech entrepreneur William Saito is exceptional. The expertise of executives like him in the field of tech makes them adaptable and competent in whatever the new development in the industry offers.

Amazon Profile

One of the many ventures today of William Saito is his new book, An Unprogrammed Life: Adventures of An Incurable Entrepreneur. This is the book that not only encapsulates the essential anecdotes that shape the life of William Saito but also key lessons in being a businessman. He wrote this book and published it on Amazon to give people an inside look into how he was able to lead companies in a marketplace that’s always challenged by innovation.

The book also gives a bit of a background story in the fact that William Saito is no less than a prodigy. It would not even be an exaggeration if people label him as one of the most influential leaders in Japan, mainly because he was just named by Nikkei as one of the 100 Most Influential People for Japan. He’s born in California, but has used the knowledge he learned from books rooted in knowledge from all over the world. It’s also essential to add here that William Saito has also been named as the Entrepreneur of The Year by Ernst and Young, USA Today and Nasdaq.

The Early Success

People can also learn more about Saito’s early success from the feature about him Hi-Tech Chronicle. His early successes there include being involved with projects of Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs.


At an early age, he was also able to get the attention of many computer companies because of his programming skills. He also gained attention for being involved in many interventions and inventions that improve the BBS program. Another success he experienced was when he became the proponent and creator of I/O, which is a security control system.




Chris Burch of Burch Creative Capital

Chris Burch founded Burch Creative Capital to help him bring his nearly forty years of investment and development experience to new ideas and opportunities. After his youthful success in the apparel industry, Chris Burch wanted to help bring other new ideas to life for other people with his expertise, read (Ideamensch.com). He has made dozens of investments in successful ventures across the globe.

Some of his many investment and development successes include Cocoon9, a prefab housing manufacturer selling to people who want smaller, but still comfortable and reliable, housing options than the standard American home. Burch says he respects the recent trend of Americans preferring to spend their time and money on experiences in the world instead of accumulating stuff, especially among millennials.

Burch also purchased the Indonesian resort of Nihiwatu on the island of Sumba in 2012. After extensive renovations on the resort property it was named Travel & Leisure’s #1 Hotel in the world in 2016, helpful source on linkedin.com.

Burch also recently partnered with TV personality Ellen DeGeneres to help her develop her lifestyle line, ED by Ellen DeGeneres. Burch says he admires Ellen for her effortless ability to read and connect with people she meets. This is an important skill in Burch’s eyes, as he thinks listening to people is the main key to success. As an investor and developer who prefers focusing on new, innovative ideas from passionate, creative people, listening to and understanding people is an important part of Chris Burch’s business and his life.

When asked about his reactions to his past professional failures, Burch says he has no regrets about his past failures. He says he owns all his mistakes, but rather than beat himself up about them he learns from them and moves on with his life with a greater sense of clarity for having learned from his mistakes, click https://nihi.com/chris-burch/.

How Igor Cornelsen Found Success As An Investor

Growing up, Igor Cornelsen wanted to be an engineer. He enrolled at the Federal University of Paraná because it was the only university in the Brazilian state he grew up in. However, midway through his studies, he decided to instead complete a degree in economics. Upon graduation in 1970 he found employment at an investment bank where he first got his feet wet in the financial industry.

Igor Cornelsen’s career soon took him to one of Brazils major financial centers, Rio de Janeiro. He became an investment banker and found success at a number of Brazil’s largest banks such as Multibanco where he was the chief executive officer. He also worked for Unibanco and Libra Bank PLC. His career at this latter bank changed the course of his life because it was a London Investment Bank. What this meant was that rather than being paid in Brazilian real he earned his paychecks in American dollars. The consequence of this was that he could invest in companies around the world.

He started to invest his money in European and American firms and achieved great financial success doing so. In 1995 he founded his own investment firm and started offering his services to others. He says that he informs his investing decision by reading Reuters every day. He depends on Reuters because it is a source of information that is unbiased and just sticks to the facts. He says he reads a lot of information about different industries and stays away from opinion-based articles because they are a waste of time.

Today, Igor Cornelsen is retired, although he does still manage his investment firm. He spends about half the year in Brazil and the other half of the year in Southern Florida where he owns property. He is often found on the golf course as that is by far his favorite hobby.

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel’s Emergency Room Overcrowding Fix

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel, a long time emergency room doctor out of Tallahassee, Florida, would like you to play out a hypothetical situation in your head. He’d like you to think of a friend that likes spicy foods. One day, after the usual lunch of spicy foods, your friend experiences chest pains. What would you advise your friend to do?

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel thinks you’d advise your friend to go to the ER to get checked out. It’s wise advice. After all, it could be signs of a heart attack. It could also be signs of heartburn or a pulled muscle.

What would be your response if your friend decided to skip out on the ER visit due to the fear of high medical bills? Your friend would be playing with life and death due to economic concerns. Unfortunately, this is happening all over the country, according to Dr. Eric Forsthoefel.

The doctor is vehemently opposed to a move by health insurance companies to deny coverage to those receiving routine care at an ER. The health insurance company wouldn’t cover your friend if it turned out to be heartburn or a pulled muscle. And insurance companies are pulling this coverage in a reaction to more American using the ER for non-emergency situations.

According to Dr. Eric Forsthoefel, more than a third of Americans have reported using the ER for non-urgent care. Poor people with no health insurance are unlikely to use the ER in this manner due to fears of high medical bills. In fact, more than 80% of the people abusing ER services already have health insurance and would qualify as middle- or high-income patients.

This abuse of the ER is leading to overcrowding which puts emergency patients in jeopardy. ER physicians, nurses and supporting staff have to split their time with non-emergency patients and those in dire need. This division of responsibilities wear thin the resources available to those in an actual emergency. But Dr. Eric Forsthoefel does not want to deter anyone from coming into the ER.

In fact, the experienced emergency room doctor wants his ER’s doors to be open to anyone in any situation. Treating everyone, even those in non-emergency situations, provides the best outcome for all patients. But he still seeks to alleviate this overcrowding problem. He thinks he has the answer.

The people using the ER for routine care are doing so out of sheer convenience. These people report it being a hassle to get an appointment with a primary care physician. They cite cumbersome hours, a lack of open time slots and 24-hour notice regulations as being too difficult to deal with. Many physicians keep normal business hours requiring many to skip out on work to get an appointment.

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel believes that the overcrowding in his ER could by solved by primary care physicians. He urges them to become more available by holding evening hours. He also believes it should be easier to see a specialist as many use the ER to see a specialist on the same day.


Paying Cancer in Its Own Coin: One of Clay B. Siegall’s Most Powerful Propelling Force

More often than not, great achievers are propelled to great heights by a greater force than mean accomplishers. I have studied a couple of successive people in business and other human endeavors and discovered the above postulation is true. My last case of study was Clay B. Siegall; the outcome is nothing different, and I am not surprise he is doing amazing things in his chosen profession. He has a driving force that is sure to keep him going all the way.

Clay B. Siegall revealed in a recent interview that he got bitter with the monster called cancer while he was only 19 years old seeing his beloved father battling with the disease. By the time he turned 24, the father died of the same ailment. It was after this horrible experience that he decided to pursue a Ph.D. in Genetics at George Washington University with specialization on targeted cancer therapies. You do not need a prophet to tell you why he chose that line of career. Obviously, he was out to pay cancer in its own coin. Good enough, he has been able to achieve this goal and still keep dealing devastating blows on the monster.

One good thing I love about this noble personality is that he does not claim to know everything. In fact, he believes he knows far too little, so he collaborates with other great minds in the war against cancer. Even the company he co-founded, Seattle Genetics, imbibes this approach to business which has helped the company scale unimaginable heights. For instance, Seattle Genetics has turned out fantastic antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) over the years. The FDA approved its first ADC product, ADCETRIS® (brentuximab vedotin) in 2011. Today, the drug has become a global brand, approved and used by well over 65 countries through the collaboration of Seattle Genetics with Takeda Pharmaceutical Company. This is just one of the numerous collaborations the company is involved in.

With no iota of doubt, Clay B. Siegall is a priceless asset in the war against cancer. He has a mind-boggling 15 patents to his credit. That is phenomenal by all standards. Little wonder, he has an avalanche of awards from many international bodies including the 2012 Pacific Northwest Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award as well as the 2013 University of Maryland Alumnus of the Year for Computer, Math and Natural Sciences Award.