Graeme Holm: The Secret Behind Infinity Group Australia’s Success Story

In 2013, Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker came together and founded the Infinity Group Australia Company with one goal and one goal only – to help fellow Australians make better financial decisions. A lot of people, not just Australians, make uninformed financial decisions that usually end up crippling them financially. Learn more:


And that’s why at Infinity Group Australia, Graeme Holm and his diligent team strive to gift each and every one of their esteemed clients a personal, custom-made solution to approaching their financial problems.


This seems to be the case because they strongly believe that each client’s case is unique and therefore needs a totally different approach/solution. With well over 17 years of experience in financial matters including debt reduction, retirement solutions, and wealth creation, Graeme holm knows what works and what doesn’t as far as the world of finance is concerned.


And this explains why the Infinity Group Australia keeps on winning the hearts of Australians with each passing day. At one point, he was also among the thousands of frustrated Australians who were in dire need of a financial coach. And that was when he was introduced to Rebecca Walker, with who he co-founded Infinity Group Australia and never looked back.


And apart from the provision of invaluable advice and guidance, Infinity Group Australia personnel making it their business to follow up with their clients’ personal progress, making sure they are sticking to their custom-made budgets and what not. Another attribute that makes Infinity Group Australia Group stand out is their unique approach to the provision of financial advice.


They always listen to their clients carefully and in turn provide them with exactly what they need instead of what they want. Graeme Holm and his team strongly believe that understanding the client and providing them customized services is more important than making profits.


They also believe that the reason most families have been dealt a bad hand with financial institutions they are dealing with is simply because they mostly don’t know what they are getting into. Thankfully, it is Infinity Group Australia’s ultimate goal to turn each of their clients’ lives around and do so for the better.


Apart from giving their esteemed clients invaluable financial advice on how to get out of debt, Mr. Holm also encourages them to stick to a strict weekly budget. Budgeting not only helps instill proper money management skill but also enforces a lot of financial discipline to any individual. And it’s because financial discipline that most clients end up paying 30-year loans within 7-10 years which is pretty much unheard of.


Apart from placing their esteemed clients as their top priority, Mr. Holm has also attributed Infinity Group Australia’s recent success to forging of meaningful collaborations with other companies. And thanks to the recent Infinity Group Australia – CX collaboration, the business bagged the coveted “Overall Best Organization CX’ accolade at the prestigious 2018 Customer Experience Management Award.


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