The Best and Most Influential CEO, Trabuco Bradesco

     Trabuco Bradesco served in numerous positions in Banco Bradeco. From 2009, he was its Chief Executive Officer and Executive Vice president. He has held other prominent positions namely Bradesco Seguro’s Chief Executive Officer, and Managing Director. In 1969 while at Bradesco, he commenced his professional activities. Bradesco bank is considered the second largest among private entities in Brazil. The finance category listed Trabuco Bradesco in 2015 the entrepreneur of the year. He has received other prestigious awards namely the best CEO by Forbes magazine and 100 most influential individuals in the country.

Trabuco Bradesco studied Philosophy and sciences from Sao Paulo de Maria. Later he advanced to the school of sociology where he studied Socio-Psychology. In fact, at 17 years, he was a clerk at Banco Bradesco. Before he was appointed the marketing manager, he conducted various assignments that he was assigned for 15 years. While in office, he established a good communication with the media in the country.

Moreover, he established a modern communication that was recognized by all the individuals in the country. For eight years, he excelled greatly in the marketing department. Despite his election as Bradesco Seguro’s president, he was in charge of eight other companies. He initiated a great impact on the New York Stock Exchange where his company’s shares were launched.

During his tenure, the company’s shares doubled hence it led in the country’s economy. Moreover, it registered impressive results which increased from 25 percent to 35 percent. Hence, it was categorized the best insurance company in Latin America. For twenty consecutive years, it sponsored the largest American auction that was held in Rio de Janeiro.

Trabuco Bradesco has over forty years’ experience in the banking sector. While in management, he helped to create Unibrand which was a corporate university. Its main purpose was to enable the executives and employees to access information in a personalized way. In 2017, the GlobalCCU Awards eventually recognized it as the best corporate University in the whole world. He was ranked its third president after Lazaro de Melo Brandao and Amador Aguiar. Furthermore, he maintained the council’s presidency despite his replacement. Other companies and associations recognized his achievements. For instance, the Grupo Segurador appointed him its president. In addition, he is affiliated with other institutions like the University of Pacific where he acquired his management education. He is a role model to many individuals in the banking sector.

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