Entrepreneur Joel Friant and his Inspiration

The spice and flavor of the Original Habanero Shaker are nearly indiscernible from the spice and flavor of a fresh habanero pepper. The shaker provides the classic heat and taste of habanero peppers to any meal, either at home or on the go. The high capsaicin levels of the shaker have been said to provide a feeling of pleasure and a number of other benefits.


The man behind the Original Habanero Shaker, Joel Friant, conceived of the idea for his flagship product while operating his first restaurant. The fast-food joint, opened in 1995, specialized in Thai cuisine, and thus it served spicy dishes. Joel was searching for a habanero shaker to place on the tables of his restaurant. He wanted his customers to be able to add even more spice to their meals. Unfortunately, every habanero shaker Joel found was bland and had little spice. He decided to create his own habanero shaker and set out to find the perfect type of habanero chili pepper to use.


He stumbled across the Scotch Bonnet habanero in Jamaica and decided to use it in his formula. Joel put the peppers through a process that dried and flaked them, but did not remove their natural levels of heat or their wide flavor panel. Unlike other shakers on the market, Joel decided to use only 100 percent pure habanero flakes in his bottles. Other shakers use fillers like salt and sugar, but Joel felt that these fillers detracted from the true flavor of the habanero chili pepper.


Joel sold the Original Habanero Shaker in Washington State at first, but he soon decided it should go global. In 2012, after spending a few years studying the ins and outs of internet marketplaces, Joel launched a website for the Original Habanero Shaker. H continues to receive international orders daily.

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