All About Betsy Devos and Her Educational Theories

When you are seeking to understand somebody and their full educational theories, it is important to get the full picture, from their college skills to their background history as well. In Betsy Devos’ case, that would mean a full understand of what makes her tick and what makes her current job tick as well. In Devos’s current job, she works tirelessly to not only give students the best education possible, but to uphold student learning at every turn as well. She also has to be aware of how the dynamics of school choice play a role in both her home state of Texas and in the rest of the United States. She is fully aware of the fact that there are 250,000 student spread out in publicly funded programs where a private voucher is required. Needless to say, she is definitely pleased of the fact that these private school vouchers stretch across 17 states.


How is Betsy Devos successful when it comes to philanthropy? She does it by realizing first of all that one of the main goals of every parent would be to provide their child with an environment that is safe for their learning. In other words, in Devos’ current role she believes that philanthropists must think of providing a superior education for the children first and foremost. After that, she realized a couple of core principles: first of all, she was very lucky. She and her husband had the financial means to give their children a superior. Secondly, she realized that many other families were not quite so lucky. Thus, she and her husband knew they needed to do something to help these families. They also realized that scholarships would help a few families, but not all of them. This led to a pivotal change in attitude in their personal opinions.


The tide started turning for her and her husband around 1993 when they became active in serving on boards to establish some broad-based charter school bills. They soon realized that just school choice was not enough. They also needed to sponsor a bill to support financial aid so that many more parents of limited means could send their kids to these charter schools. One of the ways in which Betsy Devos is combating this problem would be by founding the Great Lakes Education project, which is a political action committee dedicated to giving the parents of Michigan true school choice through Charter Schools. One thing is for certain throughout all of this: the Devoses are dedicated to furthering the education of every child, regardless of their financial status.


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