Misfortunes Take a Positive Course for Larkin and Lacey

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin got arrested by local authorities from Joe Arpaio’s home, Maricopa County. Joe is a sheriff of the state of Arizona. These events date back to 2007. Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey are successful journalists who are currently managing the Village Voice Media. After being taken by these people unknown to them, they got detained in different prisons under the control of Joe Arpaio.

All the activities that happened that night were initiated by Joe Arpaio. His reasons for arresting the duo are because they let the public gain access to the reports they had published about him. The stories were written in Phoenix News-Times and explain the how Joe Arpaio has not been meeting his constitutional responsibilities as a societal leader.

The whole nation vouched for Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin to be set free. The fines and the accusations that were imposed on them disappeared. They were found innocent of the crimes that the authorities accused them of.

After successfully going through the legal court procedures, they were paid $3.7 million. The money came from the government of Maricopa County and this happened in 2013.As expected, they did not use the money for personal gains. Instead, they channeled it towards the establishment of The Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund. Their main purpose of establishing the organization was to support Hispanic communities by fighting for their human and civil rights.

The Arizona based organization has helped immigrants to settle in the United States of America. Jim Larkin has always been told by his parents to give to the needy without expecting anything in return. People who migrate to Arizona in search of more lucrative job offers have benefited from the assistance offered by the Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund.

The firm has done everything in its power to protect the rights of the people in Arizona. This has been through giving generous funds and other charitable donations to civic organizations campaigning that the constitutional rights of every citizen to be upheld. Somehow, the arrest of Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey was for the good of their interests in fighting for justice.

Dick DeVos: Bringing On Change In The State Of Michigan

In 1991, the state of Michigan was set to construct a stadium and convention center in the city of Grand Rapids. This plan was met with a lot of protest by people all over the state. One particular person who was against this was Dick DeVos.


DeVos is the son of the founder of Amway, Richard DeVos, who was leading the company at that time. DeVos has always been someone that has worked to better the situation that people are in and has always been an incredibly philanthropic person. After looking into the matter of the stadium that was set to be built, he realized that it would affect the development of the area that it was in. He was of the opinion that this would cause a great deal of stress to the area that it was being built in, and was moving against the path of progress for the city.


His efforts to change the plan of the state culminated in the formation of an organization known as Grand Action, which was led by some of the most notable people in the state of Michigan. Instead of letting the state allow the construction of properties that would be only for increasing the value of the city, DeVos decided to help build structures which the people of Michigan needed. This saw the construction of notable ventures like the Michigan State University, which have been incredibly beneficial to the people living in the state.


DeVos has always been involved with the political scenario in his state and has always worked to better the systems that were prevalent in Michigan. He has had a significant impact on various aspects of the law and even contributed to the changing legal framework in his home state.


In addition, DeVos also has his charitable organization known as the DeVos Family Foundation. He started this organization along with his wife, Betsy DeVos, who currently serves as the Education Minister of the United States. The organization was formed so that DeVos could better reach people in need and those who could benefit from the projects that he was undertaking. With the organization, DeVos has changed the lives of countless people, not just in Michigan, but all over the country. One of the main focuses of the organization is on education. Through the foundation, DeVos has provided scholarships to students who are in underprivileged conditions and cannot seek an education themselves. Learn more: http://www.philanthropyroundtable.org/topic/excellence_in_philanthropy/interview_with_betsy_devos





Why Could M-Pesa Become Africa’s First Global Brand According to Igor Cornelsen

Have you ever noticed how some brands are more famous than the corporations, which own them? You might know of Pampers, Colgate or Travellers, but do you know the companies that own them? Investment adviser Igor Cornelsen reminds us that Africa does not have many global brands, but for these three reasons, M-Pesa could be the first.

“1. M-Pesa is Most Popular Kenya Brand”

M-Pesa is the popular mobile payment system created by Kenya’s Safaricom. In many ways, it has become its own unique currency, with industry-leading features. Already, M-Pesa has become the most admired brand in Kenya (surpassing its owner Safaricom).

The beauty of the “M-Pesa” name is that it is easy to remember. It transcends national boundaries, as people make payments to relatives in other countries. Vodafone has recognized this and made a significant investment in M-Pesa.

“2. Quick Silver Capital Reach”

Wealth adviser Igor Cornelsen has noted the dearth of affordable capital in Africa – this has prevented global expansion of the continent’s brands.  Vodafone has access to cheap capital and has purchased a 40% stake in M-Pesa’s principal.

Now, Vodafone is using its global connections to expand the Kenya based brand into Ghana, Romania, Albania and India (up to a total of 11 countries). This could be a great way to combine African entrepreneur innovations with European capital. Wealth manager Igor Cornelsen sees this cooperation as a way to overcome some limitations in the present African capital markets.

“3. Sparse Competition”

Africa is well-primed for high growth rates. There are plenty of entrepreneurs with great ideas, but no capital to help them make their dreams become reality, according to Mr. Igor Cornelsen. There is very little competition in some markets and that is why M-Pesa can grow quickly.

Some investors might want to add the “most popular” brand in Africa to their wealth portfolio. M-Pesa has a good chance because of its innovative technology, Vodafone capital and the dearth of other African competitors. Mr. Cornelsen could help investors get in on the “ground floor” before the M-Pesa brand gains even more exposure. Mr. Cornelsen understands Africa.

Learn more:http://igorcornelsen.wikidot.com/