Construcap, Aiming For Sustainability, Helping The Community

Since its inception, Construcap has always been a company that has been geared towards development and sustainability. The company first set its roots in 1994 in Brazil and since then has retained its position as one of the top oil and petroleum companies in the country. The company was the brainchild of Caio Luiz Pereira de Souza and Henrique Pegado, who took the vision for the company to a new level, making it what it is today.

Construcap has always aimed for development. Be it within the company and for its employees, or for the society as a whole, Construcap has always tried its best to implement the best solutions that will benefit everyone on a larger scale at Especially when it comes to the services that the company provides, Construcap has tried its best always to meet the expectations their clients have for them.

The company goes to great lengths to ensure that the employees of the business are always progressing and developing to their full potential on All the staff within Construcap undergo several training programs to acquaint them with the new advances in the industry so that their learning curve never slopes downwards. All the staff at Construcap are made to undergo mandatory leadership training so that they can take on bigger responsibilities within the company and maybe even advance further in their career on

But it isn’t just for their professional benefit that the company conducts these programs for. Construcap knows that for a company to run smoothly and efficiently, they need to be happy and physically stable, and thus tries their best to ensure that their employees are always in the best working conditions.

The company also works to help the members of the society and the future generations to come. Construcap has special programs which are catered towards the students who are just passing out of universities and are on the lookout for a sustainable job to support themselves and their families. These students are given professional training so that they may be able to develop the skills to implement in their workplace when they work for Construcap. These programs have significantly helped unfortunate people who otherwise would not have these opportunities to get good jobs.

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